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    How Far do the Vols Go?

    Bone makes the rim his friend by spending so much time there during the tourney. Grand and Schofield average double doubles. Alexander may foul out of half the games, but makes his presence felt rebounding and scoring. Bowden and Turner battle for the most 3's. Tennessee beats Zaga in early...
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    UT scouting report for Colgate, Iowa, Cincy fans

    That's the path I've got in all my tourney entries.
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    Do they time and post 40 times in the Spring

    100 mph on treadmill
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    Do they time and post 40 times in the Spring

    7 points for 2 hand touch sack
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    Peyton to take Witten's place on Monday Night Football?

    I think it would help him extend his "shelf life" in TV commercials and possibly elevate it, so I think he'll probably do it, and would be fantastic.
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    How Tennessee’s staff is embracing data and metrics to prevent mistakes on the recruiting trail

    weird how these metrics don't explain any of our basketball team...maybe it can't be used for basketball. Conversely, in football, we can't seem to get any of our 3* guys to play above their rankings, and can't get any of our 4-5* guys to play up to their rankings...guess coaching actually has...
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    Will the Vols really be in the top 25 next year?

    I promise you, JG's the LEAST of our problems. Fix OL and DL.
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    Showing improvement!!!

    ...which worries me about our DL.
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    Showing improvement!!!

    Alot better than that grey pull over that looked two sizes too big
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    Lamonte Back?

    Unfortunately, we've given all our competition a blue print on beating us w/ Aub. Hit the 3's and defend the passing lanes...but not everyone has the talent of Auburn either, when they're "on".
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    Lamonte Back?

    I think you can tell he's locked in when he's playing good D and hits a couple mid range jumpers. I still like playing him as 6th man off the bench...just seems like he thrives when he comes in after he observes the game flow and lets the game come to him.
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    85 shots to 64 against AU

    Or, like Ricky Bobby’s dad says... Time for some shake and bake.
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    If Grant comes back,

    I think he already has his degree...but no reason he can't get a second one?? Grant can obviously go pro, but if he stays, he'll be the bridge to our younger talent coming in, and giving us continued upwards trajectory. For example, Villanova lost 4 to the draft last year, and Donte and...
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    Since 2000, 9 teams lost Conference and still won a Natty

    Not sure why everything has to be a "lesson in life". We got beat. Other than not being able to hang a banner, I'm not too worried about that loss. If I were asked before the weekend if I'd rather lose to KY and be out of tourney or beat KY and lose to Aub, I'd choose the later. Beating KY...
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    Since 2000, 9 teams lost Conference and still won a Natty

    I just posted and then read this, and have to agree. I don't know if it's a toughness factor or matchup, or they're in our heads, like we are in KY's head, to some degree. It is very frustrating to have two opportunities for some sort of banner, and couldn't close the deal. That being said...
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    Since 2000, 9 teams lost Conference and still won a Natty

    While I agree, I also think Auburn just a real bad matchup for us...and every team tired, so that's not an excuse, but I think the emotion of that KY game, and the fact that it was the later game, plus Auburn D and hitting 3's caught us at wrong time. On the tourney front, all the teams we lost...
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    Vols are No. 2 seed in the South

    I think it's because they're comparing what we've accomplished with others, with an unbiased opinion. We're fresh off the embarrassment of today, but can't totally ignore the fantastic game for the ages we played on Sat. REALLY wish SEC would figure out how to end the tourney on Sat, if...
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    Vols are No. 2 seed in the South

    Sorry, but disagree. The teams we need to worry about are the teams who play like Auburn. You could argue that Nova plays like them, but they don't have the athletes to hang with us in a physical game, and Collin Gillispie, their point who can be dangerous from 3 range has been very...
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    Talk me off the ledge

    I think it's the best of the two seeds...and we got the nod over KY for Louisville, which is big for Volnation to attend! Top 8 teams are all tough, whether it's UNC or Duke, or UVA or Zaga. Cinci is thought to be the worst of their # seed. Feel better now?
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    Dickie V showing the Vols some love

    Rightly so. If we decide to really dial it in on D and stay with what got us to this point...going inside out to Grant and Admiral, we should at least be in a showdown vs UVA.

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