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    Pick'em Indiana 2/22-24

    Scared money don’t make money give me the sweep
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    Pick'em Northern Kentucky

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    I want my I want my I want my Game Day thread (where is '66???)

    I’d say Michigan is better maybe Illinois but they’re a projected regional team preseason. They’re 1-1 on the year against Memphis who I don’t know much about.
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    2019 Season Predictions/Discussion

    Looks like the rotation this weekend is going to be Stallings, Lingo, Neely in that order
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    Practicing on the new field today

    Looking ahead at the forecast for this weekend it looks like the turf could pay immediate dividends.
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    Comparing 2018 and 2019 baseball rosters

    How I forgot a DH is beyond me but I think Derkay is the first DH and they give trammel some looks as well. Soularie is a dude. I’d be surprised if he isn’t in the lineup opening day.
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    Comparing 2018 and 2019 baseball rosters

    Thought it’d be easier to just use this than to start a new thread but with the season starting in a month I’m curious everyone’s opinion on who the starters will be this year. I’m thinking: C: Landon Gray 1B: L Lipscius 2B: Charleston 3B: Andre SS: Ricky Martinez LF: Al Soularie CF: Daniels RF...
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    Redshirt walk-on and more

    I’m sure the kids can count how many of them are at practice and know how many are allowed on a roster. They know what they’re getting themselves into. If we can put the pieces together, I’m sure the kids whose actual lives are impacted can.
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    VFL's in MLB and MiLB

    I saw yesterday the Reds GM said there is a possibility Senzel could play cf for them this year. He is actually taking reps in center and left this fall in instructional league this year. The Reds just lost Billy Hamilton to the Royals.
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    Vol baseball approved for artificial turf in LNS

    I'm sure the staff thought about recruiting as well when making this decision.
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    2019 Baseball Schedule

    If I had to guess it won’t be final until right before the season because they will wait to decide which freshman are going to redshirt. I’m assuming the staff will have a good feel of the roster at the end of the semester and they will let the kids know so they can do what’s best for them.
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    Perfect Game's Top 500 Incoming Freshman

    Perfect Game released a list of the Top 500 freshman, and the Vols have #41 Connor Pavolony #93 Camden Sewell #126 Paul Komistek #174 Tanner Kohlhepp #223 Chase Silseth #305 Elijah Pleasants #314 Austin Knight #331 Hunter Dreves #371 Trey Lipscomb #442 Brandon Davis This team is going to be a...
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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    Alex Haynes just committed. He was at Walters St and is from Knoxville. Ranked 161 in the nation by perfect game for the 2016 class.
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    Official 2018 Summer Ball Thread

    Schultz started for the Whitecaps today
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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    Shawn Scott committed today as well. Class of 2020 LHP from Clarksville TN
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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    Brady House is in the final 34 to make the 15u USA team
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    Official 2018 Summer Ball Thread

    I think that’s why the staff wants him to specialize in getting just one or two batters then getting the hook I think it makes a ton of sense
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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    Another 2022 committed as well, Dylan Dreiling a LHP from Hays Ks.
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    BaseVol Commit List (2018+)

    Ethan Anderson c/o 2019 from GA just committed. His PG grade is a 10 and he’s #150 in the country.

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