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  1. volintheham

    Vols fans who are also Titans fans

    Would I have loved to see HH in Nashville, of course. I will always root for him after bringing my boys back from the dead. Here is my take on reasons why he is not at the Titans: Titans have a new GM in Carthon. Previous GM Robinson made many a play of signing previously injured players and...
  2. volintheham

    How do you explain that final no-call? Asking seriously.

    Have to disagree on the foul as already pointed out, pictures don’t lie. Johnson did smack in Plav’s shoulder, but that was a legal screen. Teammates should have communicated but that team is just like their coach, and they can have him.
  3. volintheham

    The Official “Regular Posters of the Basketball Forum” Thread

    I have forgiven the guy but what he did to get fired from UT was just plain stupid. Own it a minor secondary but no, double-down with damning evidence. DUMB. Go to Auburn and fit right in with that culture. Bet he and Freeze have some raging parties, Pearl brings the Q and Freeze brings the...
  4. volintheham

    Post game thoughts

    You could be right there. SV did look like he got fouled as he got shoved onto his butt. Had a strong feeling at that point we would blow the game, glad I was wrong. Couldn’t hardly buy a basket in this game.
  5. volintheham

    Post game thoughts

    Disagree, player jumped into him when shooting. Refs got it right. Auburn‘s bb team flopped like a dang soccer team.
  6. volintheham

    Post game thoughts

    What really amazes me is how cold some of our players can get shooting. ZZ 0-10 from two, 0-7 from three? Heard that stat when he was shooting the final fts. ON just could not hit a turn around jumper. Plav and Aidoo both inside struggled. If not for JJJ it would have been crazy ugly. Maybe...
  7. volintheham

    Who do you want to beat the most next year??!!

    UGA, if we don’t beat them they are back in Atlanta.
  8. volintheham

    The Official #9 Tennessee @ Mississippi State Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    We need to just put the nail in the coffin now and run for the bus.
  9. volintheham

    The Official #8 Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, SEC Network

    We are watching Phillips improve. Like his upside.
  10. volintheham

    This team is mashing the opponent.

    This team is dominant against these lower tier SEC teams. Clean up a couple things and we are going far. Seems like some of the bench guys are pushing passes in the paint. Tide game at home will be pretty epic again.
  11. volintheham

    Milton will be HUGE for UT in 2023

    Thank you. This is exactly correct on what I saw during the game. While he hit Hyatt on the first vertical route he was overthrowing that one. Fant got bumped early and didn‘t seem to be hustling as he should have had that one but it was raining hard at that point.
  12. volintheham

    It’s time. A Kesling thread

    This is exactly correct. It is impossible to know what it going on in the game listening. Score, down and distance, formation, players, alignment…the list goes on and he is just robotic. Much, much better for basketball but I just really dislike listening and if Wilkerson wasn’t there I would be...
  13. volintheham

    Music at Vanderbilt last night

    The Vandy game environment reminds me of a minor league baseball game. I thought for sure some yahoo would start running around the field in a furry suit or something. The weird burrito cornhole games and giving out gift cards, I have never seen that before. Seemed like the music was paired for...
  14. volintheham

    Vandy game weather (Tickets)

    Another hundred in fees a ticket as well.
  15. volintheham

    Not a good day to bring this up...but it is VERY IMPORTANT

    So LSU and Pitt don’t count as proof? We blew it last night but we have one nice road win at least.
  16. volintheham

    Can the Vols regroup enough to win a road game?

    Are you being serious? Talking about defense? Young will be drafted. Tillman, Hyatt, Wright just to name a few.
  17. volintheham

    Can the Vols regroup enough to win a road game?

    This is a terrible take. UF turnovers caused the loss to a Vandy. Yes, TN played atrocious and Banks being out certainly hurt us but expecting a loss to Vandy is ridiculous even without Hooker. I’ll be there and it will basically be a home game for us I’m sure. It will be a Milton coming out...
  18. volintheham

    USCe backup QB's Dad Tags Hooker in Twitter Post

    That is what I am saying. The guy talks smack about one being better than another and then preaches to someone to take the high road and be humble, got to love the hypocrisy. As if we needed some locker room material for this game but I think we got it.
  19. volintheham

    Shane Beamer is a mayo guy

    Beamer is Butch 2.0. All sizzle but no steak.
  20. volintheham

    I Think We Get Left OUT of Playoffs- Regardless

    Whole lot of wacky in this post.

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