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    Bruce pearl lost

    As a season ticket holder through it all, including O’Neil, Buzz, Houston, ect, when Bruce came it was a whole new game. Always exciting. His style was always such that it didn’t matter what happened in the first half. I would tell whoever I was with ”it doesn’t matter if we’re up 15 or down 15...
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    Tennessee won the game with elbows.

    I’ve never seen a foul called for hitting someone with the ball.
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS

    Love the game today. Bracket sets up well for us. i do remember the last time we had such a favorable bracket and we lost to a 100 year old nun.
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    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion] (merged)

    I’ll take Barnes any day. He’s a solid guy, great role model. Remember the Pearl days? Sure we won, but it wasn’t always easy to pull for some of those guys. We had days where we wondered who would be in jail or flunk out. We don’t see that anymore. Rick doesn’t recruit those guys. Maybe we need...
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    Bama Basketball

    Bama‘s coach is Urban Meyer 2.0.
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    The Official #10 Tennessee @ Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, CBS

    The free throws today were a little bit of bad luck. It seems like the guys that consistently drew fouls were plastic, Mashack, Awaka, Adoo. Especially in the one and one. Our worst foul shooters. We need to get ZZ and Vescovi to drive more to get those fouls calls. It seems like they only draw...
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    The Official #2 Tennessee vs. #25 Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Our bigs are taught that if they get the ball deep in the post and no double team comes, go to work and score. If doubled, kick it out to the open 3 point shooter. Simple. Our bigs just can’t score 1 on 1 from 5 ft in.
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    Our Backcourt

    One thing I don’t understand is why our bigs aren’t getting dunks off ZZs layups? He beats his man off the dribble and drives to the basket, a big man comes over to block his shot; whoever that big man was guarding should roll straight to the basket. ZZ at that point can try to hit the shot or...
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    The Official #5 Tennessee vs. Kentucky Game Thread, 12:00 PM ET, ESPN

    First off, I didn’t get to see the game. What I know is what I gathered from this forum and a bit of the radio broadcast I got to hear. Kesling always seems super vanilla and Bert is certainly a homer, but he was horribly perturbed at the officiating. My take is, it was officiated like an ncaa...
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    The Official #6 Tennessee vs. #7 Clemson Orange Bowl Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    What is it with Brooks? He was much better last year. His kickoffs rarely get past the 10 when everybody we play has a guy that kicks it through the end zone. Punting is even worse. seems like about 30 yards every time.
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    Music at Vanderbilt last night

    I went to SC last week and Vandy this week. Both have one thing in common. Because they can’t get their fans to make much noise, they play horrendous loud music to try to disrupt the other teams offense. At Neyland it’s just people screaming. They play it right up to the snap at Vandy, which I...
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    The Official #22 Tennessee vs. Southern Cal Game Thread, 1:30 PM ET, ESPN2

    I’d much rather play Kansas. Playing Wisconsin will end up being like Cuonzo ball. Score will be 38-36 or so.
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    Terrible performance

    Terrible performance. After going to the Tennessee Tech game and watching the barrage of 3s, I had a few observations. It’s as if we’re trying to replicate the Auburn run a couple of years ago. If you remember, they blew us out in the SEC finals launching 3s. That style can win if you’re hot but...
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    The CBS camera…

    Does anybody know how to get ahold of a piece of the goalpost? I can’t believe they tossed it in the river. You could take that to a metal shop, cut it up into rings and sell them for enough to replace the goalposts and have a big chunk of NIL money to spare. Let me know if anybody finds a way...
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    What Other MessageBoards are Saying: Post Game Edition - Alabama

    I’ve always said that when you play Bama it all comes down to how the game is called. Their dbs line up in your face and grab and slap at your arms for your entire route with their back to the ball. Satan is over there screaming at any ref that dares to call it. It’s the theory that they will...
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    So obvious, how to beat Florida!

    Kentucky didn’t really pressure. They rushed in lanes so he couldn’t escape and played a “spy” linebacker who only had to contain him running the ball. That’s the key. Let him throw it. If we blitz like we did against the 2 statues that played for Pitt, he’ll just dodge us and run for 30-40...
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    Halftime show!

    What was the deal with the little robot thing at the beginning? It looked like it was supposed to be part of it but didn’t work and they eventually drug it off the field.
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    South Carolina game

    Hey Vol fans, I just bought tickets to the South Carolina UT game on Costco’s website. We stopped in a Costco in Columbia and saw them for sale. You get 2 tickets, unlimited food, and a parking pass for 89$. You won’t find a better deal. The tickets are in the upper deck about halfway up. They...
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    NCAA Addressing Fake Injuries

    I’ve got a few ideas about this. First off, Kiffin is just playing by the rules we have. Doesn’t make it right but it is the rule we have. We do it too. Every extra point we have an offensive lineman go down. When no one even rushes! Last year I remember Hooker hurting his hand and as he was...

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