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    Quinten Dormady sighting

    What in the hell is the matter with you?
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    How fast do you think Hyatt will be at the Combine?

    Faster than anyone else there.
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    someone needs to be fired today

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    We Lost Because

    We lost because we were out schemed and it was back to the Butch days of anytime it is 3rd and long all they have to do is throw it. It'll work every time. It's a big mistake for any team to ever call a run play against UT.
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    Name for Heupel's offense

    The Pre-Snap Penalty Offense. Today's game is giving me flashbacks to the Butch years. He never did anything about the incredible number of pre-snap penalties during his time here. I'd sure like to see Heupel address that this week instead of letting it destroy drives every week the rest of...
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    The Official #1 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    Georgia has a game plan, some new pass routes, and a secondary coach. We do not have any of those.
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    Hyatt / Knee hurt during the UK game?

    Oh hell it's Hyatt. I was tired. Everyone obviously knew exactly who I meant. I got my answer anyway. He came back in to make some plays so probably some physical therapy during the week and full speed come Saturday. That's great news!
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    Hyatt / Knee hurt during the UK game?

    I think I pronounce it right though. I guess I could have checked the spelling. Too lazy I guess.
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    Refs out to get us?

    I haven't noticed anything like that happening this year. There's been as much we got away with as has been questionable calls just like every other team.
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    Hyatt / Knee hurt during the UK game?

    He hurt his knee at one point of the game. I guess it was not serious. Anyone know?
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    Are we a playoff team now?

    Stupid question. After what I saw last year I considered Tennessee to be a playoff team this year beginning 2/1/22.
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    Did anyone else notice this???

    You know what, I noticed that to. Our guy just looked at him and shook his head as if to say, "that's right, I puked, but I'm still fixin to whip your azz.
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    Saban showing his true colors late in his career

    Over the past 20 years Florida and Alabama have gotten away with more uncalled pass interference plays then all the rest of the SEC put together.
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    Why isn’t Josh Heupel getting MORE credit at Tennessee?

    I do not see that there is a lack of credit. He took over a total wreck. His first year they were so greatly improved in every way that it was the damndest thing I had ever seen. This year they are legitimate contenders for the national championship. Dooley failed at it. Jones failed at it...
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    That 0-9 Rule

    It has been said that a new hire that goes 0-9 their first 3 years versus Florida, Georgia and Alabama should be dismissed. Heupel has, early in year 2, shattered this rule with Saturday's defeat of Florida. I think that this team has a realistic chance of beating Georgia or Alabama this year...
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    Can we just take a second and appreciate what Heupel has done in 2 years?

    It doesn't take 4-5 years when you hire the right coach. If they start talking like that in the interview then they should be shown the door.

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