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  1. SalVolinus

    Da'Jon Terry to the portal

    Hope the best for his family, we will miss his rotations.
  2. SalVolinus

    SEC Title drought

    It's currently harder to win the SEC title than the national title. Georgia and Alabama both have failed to win the SEC outright, but have hoisted the coaches trophy.
  3. SalVolinus

    Tennessee/Missouri apparel

    What part of WV are you in ?
  4. SalVolinus

    Tennessee/Missouri apparel

    Is she a first generation student? I was so brainwashed by Vol parents to bleed orange by like age 10, it didn't matter where I was going to class, Tennessee had my allegiance. A couple semesters in Columbia, Missouri will probably sway her back to the good side anyway.
  5. SalVolinus

    ACC teams are expected to leave.

    It could happen, but news isn't going to be breaking out of Morgantown WV.
  6. SalVolinus

    Olivier Nkamhoua Enters the Transfer Portal

    Ehh, he was one of the softest big guys I can ever remember. About 4 times a season he'd realize his size and show his ability. Then he'd turn back into shy from contact brick city.
  7. SalVolinus

    Thread for folks skeptical of joining THE VOL CLUB (TN NIL Club)

    How incredibly slow are you that you think producing a couple thousand autographs take any amount of time? Literally about 10-15 minutes. Troll elsewhere.
  8. SalVolinus

    Volunteer Club Update

    That's awesome
  9. SalVolinus

    Volunteer Club Update

    For those of you that aren't members, there's never a better time to join. Currently less than 2,000 people - they want over 10,000 to get us where we want to be roster wise. Memberships - The Volunteer Club
  10. SalVolinus

    What was our best game this year?

    I'd agree with this if they didn't get pounded by Texas AM to end their season. For the same reason, I don't have that as our best game. But man was it fun to blow them out in their venue, where the rotation doesn't allow us to play often. I think Kentucky was a little better overall than LSU...
  11. SalVolinus

    2 staffers leaving with Golesh

    Further, we actually have a coach building a tree at Tennessee for the first time in a long time. That pays dividends.
  12. SalVolinus

    Golesh to South Florida

    Makes sense. Most people assume it's Heupel that makes it tick. His chance to get out from under that while is stock is high.
  13. SalVolinus

    Michigan vs Ohio State vs Clemson

    They jumped 3 spots this week. 2 more wins and then a win in the ACC title vs a 8 or 9th ranked UNC...they'll be in the conversation imo.
  14. SalVolinus

    3rd party thoughts on these Vols

    ...yeah, that's a bad take. This Kentucky team won @ 12 Florida without Rodriguez and @ 16 Miss St. The Carolina loss is perplexing, but we know how that goes. They're a pretty good team and we made them look inept in all 3 facets of the game.
  15. SalVolinus

    Top 5 Reasons We Should Be #1 Next Week

    I don't think it matters at this point. We are the hunted. The number is irrelevant. We're back.
  16. SalVolinus

    PSA: Support Spyre and The Volunteer Club

    What do you guys think. Did I get the one from the newsletter lol.
  17. SalVolinus

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    So, did I get the exact one from their newsletter or are these mass printed lol.
  18. SalVolinus

    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon (Tennessee Commit)

    Fellow Virginian here, haven't been this excited about a recruit in a long time. Penn State has kind of owned the state lately with incompetence in Blacksburg. Virginia has been good to UT when we pull from it, with Justin Hunter and Mr. WGWTFA.
  19. SalVolinus

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    I originally posted this as its own thread but I guess the mods didn't deem it worthy. Really just wanted more people to see and partake. Oh well, didn't realize the bar was so high.
  20. SalVolinus

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk V

    I just wanted to bring attention to the phenomenal things NIL is doing for our players, program, and community. It really is an opportunity to crowd source the power of VolNation and turn it into a tangible benefit for all. I signed up for the Volunteer Club through Hyatt's link for a very...

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