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  1. volman85

    ESPN's Tom Luginbill Apparently At Odds With UT fans

    Well I would love nothing more than for Heupel and Milton ptove them wrong and UNC and Maye to go down hard... love to see crybaby emojis and gifs hit those guys at end of the season
  2. volman85

    Arkansas Football Chaos

    Butch removed Von Pearson over allegations that were eventually dropped.
  3. volman85

    Who Was Your First Favorite CFB Player?

    Travis Stephens
  4. volman85

    Hyatt for Biletnikoff award voting

    He only had like 6 catches for 66 yards 0tds and penix threw for over 400
  5. volman85

    Hyatt for Biletnikoff award voting

    Bump... Hyatt behind washington rec after upset of oregon
  6. volman85

    Ramel Keyton Appreciation Thread

    Much love and appreciation
  7. volman85

    Most impactful play you witnessed at Neyland

    I was replying before going thru the thread.. nice
  8. volman85

    Most impactful play you witnessed at Neyland

    In honor of the OP's avatar of Spurrier... Marquez North's helmet catch against a ranked gamecocks team. Led to our first big home win since at least Kiffin's tenure. And Spurrier quit right after because of a UT defeat (to Butch no less). Don't forget his last home game in the swamp was a...
  9. volman85

    Vin Scully

    Another cool fact was that the hated giants named their visiting pressbox in honor of Vin Scully. Even had a plaque commemorating Vin's last regular season game called in 2016. I'm a lifelong Dodger fan and hate the giants like I do gators, but that was pretty classy.
  10. volman85

    The Official #1 Tennessee vs #19 Auburn Weekend Series Thread (Friday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Saturday 7PM EST SEC NETWORK) (Sunday 1PM EST SEC NET+)

    I'm sure it helped Delmonico pull Luke Hochevar and Chase Headley out of Colorado. Both major league players.
  11. volman85

    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. #6 Arizona Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    He played more like 1 minute, looks like coach's decision
  12. volman85

    The Official #19 Tennessee vs. #6 Arizona Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Was victor bailey available tonight, or was he injured, sick, or just not part of rotation?
  13. volman85

    Heupel gave heartfelt eulogy for Otis Anderson

    WATCH: Josh Heupel Delivers Tear-Jerking Eulogy for Former UCF Player Otis Anderson Jr. | Rocky Top Insider Hadn't seen this posted yet about Coach Heupel giving eulogy for his for player Otis Anderson at UCF who was murdered.
  14. volman85


    Denarius Moore was considered a package deal to get a higher rated RB Lennon Creer. Big play receiver at UT with a couple 200 yd receiving games and then played for the Raiders for a few years.
  15. volman85

    To those of you not at the game

    Well 2 holding penalties with a o line consisting of a walk on at tackle, converted guard at center, another veteran kid forced into action who should have been 9th or 10th on depth chart starting season. Play calling was not always awesome but we are not deep in key areas and it shows up...
  16. volman85

    To those of you not at the game

    I was just trying to convey what we experienced at the game without having other views from your TVs st home. Thanks for putting me on blast.
  17. volman85

    To those of you not at the game

    Not justifying throwing anything onto field or players, but something that I have not seen mentioned is the replay on the jumbotron for Warren's catch on 4th down. What was showed numerous times appeared to be Warren stretching the ball over the line. I hear replays on TV were less convincing...
  18. volman85

    Former Vol Parys Haralson has passed away (9/13/21)

    5th round pick by 49ers and also played for Saints.. no cause of death known and he was living in San Jose area according one article I read.. RIP
  19. volman85

    Transfer Tracker - Week 1

    Saw Henry t was credited with 1 solo tackle on ESPN box score.. lots of assists I guess. Bama mathematics

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