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  1. HiltonHeadVol

    The Official Tennessee vs S. Miss Super Regional Game 1 Thread Sat. June 10 3PM EST ESPNU (Hattiesburg)

    Say whatever you want about life in Lincoln, but one must be impressed with Nebraska's support of their teams. I don't think they have been upper echelon in baseball for many years and yet they support that team with top ten attendance. Football support is obvious. Impressive fanbase...
  2. HiltonHeadVol

    Hendon Hooker signs his contract with the Lions

    I was in your boat but I may pull for the Lions even if they play the Titans. Such is my loss of feeling for the T's.
  3. HiltonHeadVol

    DAN CAMPBELL: "It's going to be a long time before Hooker competes for starting job."

    Man Neo its hard to dispute your facts…. But the Lions have almost never had an owner, GM, and coach in alignment - and actually performing well in a way that has the league noticing them. They are definitely my new team to follow since the Titans are looking tone deaf over in Music City for a...
  4. HiltonHeadVol

    DAN CAMPBELL: "It's going to be a long time before Hooker competes for starting job."

    This is all certainly astutely pointed out TMan and absolutely true……but to me it comes down to this. JGoff will be on his "big money trial" this season, especially early on to see if the Lions want to sign him up for a career making contract beginning in '24 which would essentially allow him...
  5. HiltonHeadVol

    Who has Vol themed vehicles?

    Now THAT is the correct shade of orange. Gorgeous
  6. HiltonHeadVol


    Possibly the frogs hoping for one more set of "volunteers" to come bail them out? lol. just kidding
  7. HiltonHeadVol

    Josh Heupel “We’re going to play Elite Defense”

    Im concerned very much about the offensive line (again) and suspect that we will perhaps have many more 3 and outs on our offense than we are used to under CJH…..but, this defense just may step up and keep us in games (creating some 3 and outs of their own) and give time for Coach Joey H to...
  8. HiltonHeadVol

    Vols fans who are also Titans fans

    While part of me was irritated with the Titans for NOT taking Hooker instead of Levis, the bigger part of me was thankful that Hendon didnt end up getting his shot in Nashville…..under a new OC with little track record of developing QBs. While there is no guarantee that J Goff is NOT going to...
  9. HiltonHeadVol

    Hookers draft projection

    Needless to say, I was really disappointed at the way things went for HH on Draft Day 1 and Day 2. And was stunned (as were many that the Titans chose Levis over Hooker). I will say that Hooker (and Levis) would not be in a good situation with a rookie OC in Nashville potentially to develop...
  10. HiltonHeadVol

    College Spring Game attendance (Vols #5)

    The Univ. of Nebraska has one of the very best fan base support structures anywhere. Had we not hired Huep, we would be in much the same discussion of non relevance, so perhaps we should speak kindly of others in that boat. College football is much better when the Nebraskas and Tennessees...
  11. HiltonHeadVol

    Any tea leaf readers want to venture a guess on what happens next.

    Ok, Ill have a go. Im going to say in addition to schollies already lost, we sacrifice 3 per year for the next 3 years, a large fine, no bowl ban and Pruitt gets a 5 year show-cause dated back to date of firing from UT. And behind the scenes, we pay a reduced buy-out to Coach Beldar as...
  12. HiltonHeadVol

    Here comes the NCAA

    A couple of points. I have heard opinions from what I believe to be legit journalists - not just random YouTubers - that UT will almost certainly NOT sue the NCAA over a bowl ban, and that this hearing over the past two days was about attempts by Pruitt and UT to soften proposed penalties...
  13. HiltonHeadVol

    Interesting Article on "Overrated" teams for next year

    We have to remember that M Bobo is now taking over the offense and in my mind he has yet to prove he can operate on a title contending level as OC. He certainly will have the on-field tools needed, if he just has the brain and leadership skills for it......we shall see.
  14. HiltonHeadVol

    Florida football

    Yes, we only beat them twice during their lean years and they played to the final horn in Knoxville this year. I’m always amused at those who have such short-term football memory. We will absolutely have our hands full next season in G-ville
  15. HiltonHeadVol

    Hookers draft projection

    Hmmm....two months ago I stated on here that no way would our man HH last until 3rd round. Looks like he is trending correctly. If so, I am so happy for him.
  16. HiltonHeadVol

    Interesting film analysis - Kurt Warner on Hendon Hooker

    This is a valid point and highlights the risk of judging someone off one game sample. But sports media in general don't study to a degree of depth that, say, Greg Cosell does (that guy is awesome to learn from)
  17. HiltonHeadVol

    How to watch tomorrow’s game

    As of late, the free YouTube game streams have all but disappeared. Now all you get is BS links to must join sites.
  18. HiltonHeadVol

    Zakai Zeigler- Torn ACL

    Anyone hearing if ZZ is going to be ready to travel to MSG this week? He JUST had surgery as you know, and I'm not sure he will be up to the trip, although I'm sure he wants to badly.
  19. HiltonHeadVol

    Detroit Signing Vols

    My oldest brother went to school at UT during "Thunderfoot" Weaver's time with the Vols around 1967-70 as I recall. Howard Cosell gave Weaver that moniker on a MNF broadcast I believe. My brother used to watch them practice and remembered Weaver calling the punts "right" or "left" when he...
  20. HiltonHeadVol

    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    Thx. I did like HH very much. But life is very very good here in SE Asia. I do not miss all the hate and turbulence in America today.

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