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  1. Volsfan4243

    NCAA Sanctions............

    Hopefully because UT took drastic actions, self reported, and cleaned house, the NCAA will show a little mercy. There’s not much they can do to hurt UT much more. We have lost a lot of players to the transfer portal and probably won’t make a decent bowl for a couple of years anyway. They should...
  2. Volsfan4243


    I don’t understand the infatuation with Steele. Every third comment on this site mentions him. I am not sure who hired him but it was not the new AD or the new Coach. Why would Huepel want him on staff with the Auburn rumors floating around. He wants his guys. It’s not the best staff in the...
  3. Volsfan4243

    Coach Heupel on The Nation

    It is hard to speculate because I don’t know who was interested or interviewed. The Chancellor and President all but eliminated anyone with any character concerns or a past and the pending sanctions impacted who was willing to take the job. I would have hired Freeze but I know that was a pipe...
  4. Volsfan4243

    DC Poll

    I don’t buy Arnett leaving MSU for UT. I bet Steele takes the job, if offered, because what other options does he have if he wants to coach. He tried a coup at Auburn and it made him look like a snake. No one is hiring him as a HC at a Power 5 school. Maybe he just retires. I hope they hire a...
  5. Volsfan4243

    AP feels like Steele still in fold for DC

    My guess is that they are waiting to bring in a DC after Signing Day. Perhaps this coach doesn’t want to hurt his current team by jumping ship right before signing day, not that it is any better leaving right after.
  6. Volsfan4243

    Coach Heupel on The Nation

    I hate the hire but Heupel seems like a genuinely nice guy. I wish him well but have very low expectations.
  7. Volsfan4243

    Message from Heuple at Basketball game

    Lost me with “individuals” and “best staffs in the country”. Reminds me of another coach that was here. They are called players or young men. As far as staffs, simply say you are building a solid staff of coaches you trust to rebuild the program.
  8. Volsfan4243

    NCAA Will Hammer VOLS

    The NCAA needs to punish the coaches, not the team left behind. Coaches should be banned for working in college for certain periods of time. The new coaches and players, which had nothing to do with anything, always pay for others mistakes. This does nothing to deter coaches from going to...
  9. Volsfan4243

    Steele and current thinking

    Fulmer hired Steele because he actually thought he was safe from McDonaldGate. His plan was to keep most of the staff in place for Steele. At some point, the administration realized Fulmer was also complicit in this so they had to fire him too. They just let him save face by letting him retire.
  10. Volsfan4243

    NCAA Will Hammer VOLS

    There’s really nothing the NCAA can do at this point to hurt the program more than what TN has already don’t to itself. They’re going to struggle for the next 5-10 years anyway. Half the team is in the portal so there goes any depth and that takes time to build. They may score 30+ points per...
  11. Volsfan4243

    Steele about to raid UT's coffers for two weeks of 'work'

    I think that all depends on Steele’s expectations. Would he demand full control of the defensive staff and play calling? There can be only one chief. You don’t want to undermine the HC which Steele apparently tried to do with Malzahn. This could really create a rift especially with Huepel’s...
  12. Volsfan4243

    NCAA Will Hammer VOLS

    Last Chance U
  13. Volsfan4243

    Post your advice to Coach Heupel

    Stock up on bourbon Hire a stud DC Hire a real OL coach Wear camo on the sideline Be discreet when you cheat
  14. Volsfan4243

    Poll: David Reeves Defensive Coordinator?

    Hire a solid DC, a solid OL coach, and worry about filling the other position coaches with recruiters.
  15. Volsfan4243

    Travis: Tennessee Goes to Prom with its Cousin

    If UCF ends up with Freeze, then Clay is absolutely right.
  16. Volsfan4243

    Official grief thread

    Hopefully the AD deletes all of his social media accounts and stays off the internet for a few years because there is no way he isn’t going to see negativity from this fan base.
  17. Volsfan4243

    Hyams: AD White has Called a Team Meeting

    I feel bad for the players. Hopefully they don’t all walk out after White says his name. Starting over with Dooley 2.0
  18. Volsfan4243

    Danny White, Josh Heupel meme thread...

    Or they are floating names out to make the fans feel better about who they pick because it isn’t who everyone truly wants.
  19. Volsfan4243

    *****Community AD/Coaching Search reference post.

    I’m afraid this will be a repeat of ten years ago when Kiffin left. No decent coach would take this job and Tennessee ended up with Dooley. With the looming penalties and exodus of players, it may be hard to get a top quality coach, especially if they want someone with a squeaky clean past.
  20. Volsfan4243

    Post your coaching pick

    Who I wish they should hire: Peterson Freeze Campbell Malzahn Who I think is truly getting consideration: Elliott Fleck Chadwell Napier Dark horse candidates: Franklin Kiffin Herman

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