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  1. CornFlake

    CJH taking care of his players

    im guessing your forgetting the past few coaches or you had to many sugar based cereals?
  2. CornFlake

    Help me out VN...

    stand at the vol walk at stadium..dont be afraid to get up on the ropes.. cheer loudly and throw out your hands for high fives..good times
  3. CornFlake

    SEC Nation headed to Knoxville on Saturday

    this gonna be a one sided victory and it will show early imo..refs decide this one early
  4. CornFlake

    Will Vols score more than 14 points against uGa ?

    all depends on who paid the sec refs the most,.
  5. CornFlake

    Video of Locker Room Celebration.....?

    thats what a s thats what a spoiled coach in the sec media will do..
  6. CornFlake

    How I feel after that win

    volly this is not the right forum for that,,, weirdo
  7. CornFlake

    Should Tim Banks be replaced at end of season?

    teach me to foot ball?
  8. CornFlake

    We’re scoring 35+ on the Georgia D

    I never expected a win tonight.. really dont next week.
  9. CornFlake

    Yes, that was a facemask penalty...

    yep you just dont storm the field as a coach,..
  10. CornFlake

    Nice win tonight!!

    your right. but I was meaning our defense is bad we knew this coming in. I was talking about if you expected this defense to come in and shut down this offense..
  11. CornFlake

    Nice win tonight!!

    if you expected a defensive game then I dont know what to tell
  12. CornFlake


  13. CornFlake

    I'll Want to Fire the Entire Coaching Staff if We...

    runs in cycles runs in cycles
  14. CornFlake

    Did Bailey intentionally screw over his "mates"?

    not sure I even said that. .but keep on your doing Great!!
  15. CornFlake

    Final thoughts on the Ole Miss game.

    they studied dead bodies for a time under it...
  16. CornFlake

    Did Bailey intentionally screw over his "mates"?

    this is pretty d@mn dumb after watching all our games this year
  17. CornFlake

    Did Bailey intentionally screw over his "mates"?

    tried pressing the unlike button on his post but nothing happened
  18. CornFlake

    Tim Banks needs a pay raise

    get some guys that can read and watch the field..not just guys that go to a spot and stop watching..hard thing to coach..but it will defense is hard but you can learn from it...imo
  19. CornFlake

    Are ya really?

    only thing I am questioning is the golf ball throw..from the angle I have seen it came from the other side of the field,, but came in super slow and died right at stiffen kiffin feet... that dude in the stands knows how to use a PW!!..

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