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    Tennessee greatest coaches of the modern era

    I don’t guess I know how “modern era” is defined in this thread. That being said I would have to rate Dickey #1 or #2 . He took over a pretty sorry team still playing single wing and an outdated defense, and starting winning big in 3 years. Imo he was on the way to a nation championship before...
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    Stars and Recruiting Ranking discussion

    We will see how it goes going forward. Keep telling yourself high level recruiting isn’t extremely important in high level results. Yep we had a great year last season. Hopefully we can build on that with a top 10 recruiting class With another very good year.
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    Stars and Recruiting Ranking discussion

    I’d take Ohio state, Bama, Georgia,Lsu, recruiting classes over anything we can put up. Doesn’t mean we can’t compete for a title on occasion, but makes it more difficult.
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    (Not Official) SEC Permanent Rivals per Ross Dellenger of SI

    Pretty important game for our guys. Very big let down. Kinda like ole miss game in 68. Never got over that. Thank goodness wasn’t on tv back then. Yep, just one game.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk VI

    20/20 hindsight is always right. It sure looks promising but it’s going to get more difficult with Tx. And Okla. joining the sec. LSU, Bama , Ga. not going away. Fla and tx am will get it right eventually. Very few push overs in this conference. Heck most thought Butch was on the right tract...
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    (Not Official) SEC Permanent Rivals per Ross Dellenger of SI

    63 - 28. Looks like we were trash that day. Do your homework
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    (Not Official) SEC Permanent Rivals per Ross Dellenger of SI

    They sure looked like against us last year.
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    Do the Recruiting Stars Matter, 2023 Draft

    Yep, if we sign 20 3 stars with our coaching and system we will be in playoffs every year. Blue font
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    Justine is a FIRST team All American !

    Kellie must have kept her on the outside of that door.
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    The Official Tennessee @ Arkansas Series Thread (4/14 8PM EST SEC NETWORK) (4/15 7PM EST SEC NET+) (4/16 3PM EST SEC NET+)

    Hopeful thinking? last year was great, until Notre dame came to town. Was that a one year outlier or is this year. Let’s hope it is since we’ve committed a lot of $ to our current coach.
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    Is this true? Justine transferring

    I believe Kentucky signs 5 star high school recruits, they then leave after one year for nba. A lot of the time these men aren’t ready and should have stayed another year. I don’t see Kelli signing any 5 star recruits out of high school. It’s going to be her downfall long term. Maybe short...
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    '24 GA DL Jeremias Heard (Tennessee commit)

    A little over the top. Julius peppers? Hope so if he signs with ut.
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    Is this true? Justine transferring

    Yeah right. Who has she recruited that’s showing up in the next couple of years? Oh right, there’s going to be an influx of high level transfers. It’s just sad what’s happened to the lady vol program since Coach Summit got ill.
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    LSU won the title.....

    Yeah, maybe But I wouldn’t bet on it.
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    Pate: stadium atmosphere

    Nice stadium. Doubt you’ve ever been there.
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    Crompton named HC at Tuscola HS

    Don’t ask Fulmer for advise on offense to run.
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    Heupel Quarterback Coaching Genius

    Yep, Butch looked good with an outstanding QB. Let’s hope this works out differently.
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    Jordy to WNBA

    She seemed to be missing good coaching.

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