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  1. norriscraftbasser

    How emotional did y'all get?

    The Tennessee River wasn't the only thing flowing!
  2. norriscraftbasser

    Marty Smith Reports Bryce Young is Taking Reps in Practice

    I think too much hype is being made over qbs, If we don't stop Gibbs from running and in the passing game ot won't matter, kid is a big play machine. We must find a way to cover him in space.
  3. norriscraftbasser

    How many pass interference calls is the officials going to call?

    I really hope that the refs understand that everyone is watching this game, hopefully they don't think that they are the stars as they sometimes do. Let them play!
  4. norriscraftbasser

    *****Tennessee vs LSU full game video

    Even better the second time!
  5. norriscraftbasser

    Statement Win

    This win is a statement win for sure!
  6. norriscraftbasser

    Any Dylan Sampson Updates?

    Not one person has been chastised on Volnation! Maybe
  7. norriscraftbasser

    Just saw this crazy stat

    Not sure but I say data
  8. norriscraftbasser

    Cedric Tillman Out (Official)

    Next man ^ but really hate it for him!
  9. norriscraftbasser

    Tennessee VS Akron - What I want to see tonight

    No broken plays in secondary!
  10. norriscraftbasser

    New member here.

    Welcome, enjoy the ride!
  11. norriscraftbasser

    How I feel after that win

    I was thinking if we lose I will not sleep all night, then we won and I didn't sleep all night so I really don't know what I'm saying.
  12. norriscraftbasser

    Vols 27.5 point underdogs vs Bama

    So depressing, this sh!t has to stop!
  13. norriscraftbasser

    I will never be embarrassed to be a Tennessee fan.

    I don't know how to be anything different and I sure as hell don't want to be! GBO forever!
  14. norriscraftbasser

    Pruitt's lawyer says he has the info to burn the whole AD down

    This is what happens when you hire anyone from Alabama, this should be a lesson for Tennessee, if you are from Alabama do not apply!
  15. norriscraftbasser

    Maybe Lane is Who We Think...

    No way he leaves Ole Miss so quickly!

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