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    USM baseball

    ....or Spurrier's last game @ UF in Gainesville (!!!)
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    The Official Tennessee vs Charlotte (Clemson Regional Final) Sun. 6/4 6PM EST ESPN+ Only

    Vanderbilt tried it with Rocker....and his arm did come off, didn't it?
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    Earlier Years of SEC Football Scheduling

    Tennessee was like 40-0 in November at one point in the 90s. The soft SEC schedule and Tennessee dominance made it a beast late in many seasons. ...except, they just couldn't get past Bama. Bama was ok-good, but Tennessee choked on them a number of times (1990 being a catastrophe).
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    Surprise! ESPN drops us in the FPI for 2023 after finishing 5th last year.

    Could anyone image the baseball team with 14 already?
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    After the initial 5-10 minutes, we had so much trouble penetrating their guards and getting any solid inside looks (Nkam/JJJ esp). We shot a ton of mid-range jumpers instead. I'm guessing Mashack was our only hope to force the issue. But the adjustment came too late IMO.
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    Duke coaches and players

    Maybe the first round??? That's how Tennessee got to play 14-seed Mercer in 2014.
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    Tennessee vs UVA tickets are now on sale!

    don't believe the post from Friday included the general public ...but it does now
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    Rooting guide for selection Sunday

    "Last 12 games" is not a metric at all based on recent history
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    How in the world does ESPN give Vols 63% chance to win…

    ESPN isn't 'picking' anything. It's a computer rating. It's based on past results and doesn't take into account the current roster. It equally factors in that A&M stunk the first part of the season.
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    Better source for seeding projections: bracketmatrix

    Bracket Matrix is great ....but keep in mind that to aggregate 100 different brackets, they can be a little slow to respond to real-time changes. A solid win/loss may take a couple days to trickle through.
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    TCU overrated?

    Are you thinking 2001? Tennessee was #1 in 1998 in early November before the Arkansas game. I believe 2001 might be when a bunch of magic dominoes fell
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    Vols didn’t win the SEC East

    The East is one game up on the West this year head-to-head....with two to go (one being Georgia) When's the last time the East outperformed? ...over a decade ago?
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    That Punt!

    coaches are becoming huge data gurus, but I really think this safety v punt w/ no room is something that hasn't been looked at more. So many teams might be so much better off just taking that step backwards and punting unopposed from the 20 yd line.
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    Rule question — INT into end zone

    momentum is part of the's not "forward progress" here. Touchback is the correct call.
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    Defense of Georgia bringing the blitz package for this game

    Sacks Statistics: Tennessee 21 (33rd) Georgia 10 (120th) ...and now their top rusher is out.
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    What % shot we have making playoffs with 0-1-2 losses

    the oddsmakers/models have suggested 7% (12:1)
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    For those at the Pitt game......

    5-10k Tennessee fans probably and likely on the lower-end of that...I was in the upper-deck and I thought both schools numbers looked low I'm guessing 20k empty seats...there was ALOT
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    Digital Ticketing & Scanning Tutorial, Issues, Tips, etc. (merged)

    This was a major issue with Pitt/Steelers games all last year reading the Pitt msgboard. It seems to be a bigger problem with THEM than the eTickets in general.
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    Any issues with digital tickets?

    You should see the threads from the Pitt fans and their digital ticketing system last year (bad)
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    Pittsburgh tickets

    Pitt sold out their game the week before (Backyard Brawl with West Virginia)

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