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    Ticket Prices Plummeting

    When I was living in West Palm and Oklahoma played Bama in the Orange bowl in the first round of the playoff, I got in for about 50 bucks after seeing the same thing happen on the day of the game.
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    Vols vs Arizona score prediction

    Vols 67 Zona 62
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    Hyatt opts out of Orange bowl - headed to NFL

    You are missing the point entirely.
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    Hyatt opts out of Orange bowl - headed to NFL

    I didn't say it was within the current rules. I said I would like to see it. And in response I'd like to propose this change to current rules: How about there is a 10 day window between conference championships and the start of bowl season that would give athletes the ability to officially...
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    Hyatt opts out of Orange bowl - headed to NFL

    Can you read? It isn't isn't punishing as you are not taking a single thing away from them that they would have earned if they decide to opt out. It's a bonus that they would be able to choose to take or not. I'm not mad at Hyatt in the slightest. He needs to do what is best for him. If...
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    Hyatt opts out of Orange bowl - headed to NFL

    I'd like to see NIL deals structured with incentives built in for playing in certain bowl/playoff games. Similar to how coaches contracts are done. That would benefit the universities, in having the players more likely to play....and the players would benefit from playing in the game as well...
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    Orange Bowl tie-ins, Clemson/UNC

    They are tied to the ACC champ. It doest matter according to what I read. If you are referring to why I would want to play Clemson.....simply QB play...I think Maye has the ability to carve up our secondary.
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    Orange Bowl tie-ins, Clemson/UNC

    I went ahead and looked it up. Winner of Clemson/UNC gets the Orange Bowl Bid. I'd rather play Clemson.
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    Orange Bowl tie-ins, Clemson/UNC

    Is the Orange Bowl tied into the ACC champion or highest ranked ACC team? Or do they get to pick? I was wondering if UNC beats Clemson tonight whether that could put them there instead of Clemson....? I'd rather play Clemson. We match-up way better...
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    Proof that Wikipedia hates Tennessee

    Someone needs to edit Saban's to 5'3 130.
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    I swear to drunk I'm not God, Ossifer....
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    Can the impossible happen?

    I get your opinion, but my opinion is with an equivalent record and a head to head victory, it makes your point mute....In fact, even the playoff committee's own published criteria for rankings says likewise.
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    Orange Bowl at Worst. Sugar a possibility.

    No, if TCU loses, they are out. Period.
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    Can the impossible happen?

    What if TCU loses and Bama gets in ahead of us? Fair?
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    Will you support the SEC in the playoff or pull for another school?

    In general, I would pull for Isis if they had a football team and played against Bama, GA, Florida, or Vandy. Other than those 4 teams, I'll pull for the SEC during bowl season.
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    The Bear

    The Bear is an idiot. He thinks he is alot smarter than he is. And based on what I've seen of him this year, he has quite the disdain for TN. (Which doesn't make alot of sense because he is a 1994 Miami grad) He bashed us every chance he got this year. Enough that it came up in several...
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    Stopping forward progress?

    If vandy would have actually had a grasp on Fant they probably would have blown it dead, but he just bounced off the initial contact and gathered himself.
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    Getting ready for Saturday -- what's good food for tailgating at home?

    We will try this first. This SOB is about off the leash though....
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    Getting ready for Saturday -- what's good food for tailgating at home?

    Anyone have any bulldog recipes? It's my first time cooking for a tailgate. Just trying to do it right.....Vols by fiddy!

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