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  1. 44DivePlay

    The Official #6 Tennessee vs. #7 Clemson Orange Bowl Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Actually wondering if him throwing to mostly second string or rotational receivers (minus Bru) helps bc he may have practiced with them more as a backup himself. Timing and comfort etc. Maybe not but could help a bit
  2. 44DivePlay

    Jimmy Holiday has entered the transfer portal (to WKU)

    It’s already been mentioned above but you have the wrong Jimmy. It was Calloway not Holiday.
  3. 44DivePlay

    SEC teams, rank em by most hated

    This is my list exactly. Don’t actually hate/dislike UGA as a program relative to the others but my experiences at Sanford (did not go this year) and interactions with their fans have been the worst ever by far. Been to a few other SEC venues too. But the arrogance too (ironically they deserve...
  4. 44DivePlay

    Uncle Lou

    I watched maybe 73 seconds of an episode someone posted on here…he just slept with glasses on and then off and then on…saw maybe 10 seconds of a rant of his somewhere. No interest in giving him my time any further.
  5. 44DivePlay

    Yearly Bama game?

    How in the world did you get anyone was afraid to play Vandy out of that? The overwhelming point is there is no way you can separate Alabama from Auburn and he was saying historical matchups. At least prior to divisions (the first 80 or so years of Souther Conf/SEC) we played Auburn a whole crap...
  6. 44DivePlay

    Yearly Bama game?

    Agreed but you need Auburn in there for us and Bama both historically speaking or permanent game with them for Bama at least.
  7. 44DivePlay

    UT vs Ol Miss in the SEC championship!

    Saw that suggestion on SDS. Said it should be called the “Mustard Bowl” lol
  8. 44DivePlay

    Heupel was offered entry-level SEC money

    Doubles his salary or increased it by 1.5M right? Seems like the right number especially with incentives if he can win one day
  9. 44DivePlay

    Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto...

    That quote is attributed to that Japanese Admiral but from my understanding there is actually no corroboration that he said that or if it was said it was likely prior to the attack (will awake), at a different time, or by someone else completely. But it sounds more awesome and respectful if...
  10. 44DivePlay

    As of Today 1/26, Who is in Your Final Four?

    This prob. We go 1-1 against Ky in regular season and they put us in the same bracket prob. 1-3 seed for us and them if we each play decent to good rest of the year
  11. 44DivePlay

    The Official #3 Tennessee @ Florida Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Turner did. Got murdered and not called
  12. 44DivePlay

    '19 OH QB PWO Michael Bittner

    He looks 35-40 years old
  13. 44DivePlay

    The Official #3 Tennessee @ Florida Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN

    To only be down 3 (or better) at half with them nailing 3s and the refs leaning FLs way we are doing ikay
  14. 44DivePlay

    The Official #3 Tennessee @ Florida Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN

    This is ridiculous. They fall down without being touched and we get slammed and they get no fouls and we get one
  15. 44DivePlay

    The Official #3 Tennessee @ Florida Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN

    About 3-4 fouls on us and not in them that make no sense. The “steal” against Grant was a stupid half-full body contact on him
  16. 44DivePlay

    The Official #7 Tennessee vs. #1 Gonzaga Game Thread, 3:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Brought him in. Had to wash them off with warm water. Never seen a dog with so many balls. Our other male golden had none on him.

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