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  1. All Vol!

    Danny White raise

    What's your purpose in posting this? Do you just feel it's your role to piss on parades? I can think of no reason of benefit to anyone to post such a downer soliloquy. I just don't get it, but maddeningly there always seem to be a few fans who derive more pleasure from pointing out perceived...
  2. All Vol!

    Josiah-Jordan James returning to Tennessee

    Here's hoping Triple J can have a full and injury free season. I serious doubt we've seen his full potential.
  3. All Vol!

    way to early 2024 Bracketology

    Bracketology in April is about as useful as a bucket of warm spit.
  4. All Vol!

    NCAA Awards National Title to Duke in Final Upset of March Madness

    Thanks for clarifying that the most read satirical publication on the planet and worth literally more than the Washington Post, isn’t funny.
  5. All Vol!

    NCAA Awards National Title to Duke in Final Upset of March Madness

    NCAA Awards Title To Duke In Final Upset Of March Madness
  6. All Vol!

    FAU's Coach and AD

    Dude help me out here, I flunked brail.
  7. All Vol!

    Gimme a line of pregame speech if you were RB

    Win one for the Ricker?
  8. All Vol!

    Bulletin Board Material

    Couldn’t disagree more, but okay. It’s really no different than discovering their bulletin board material in other online platforms, news media, etc. But hey, it’s great that we all get an opinion. All the best.
  9. All Vol!

    Bulletin Board Material

    Great observation. I’m gonna also take it as a plea on their part for the refs to help them be able to handle our grit and toughness.
  10. All Vol!

    Bulletin Board Material

    I think the author of the article basically makes a career out of trashing the Vols. But you’re so right, nothing should make a team feel disrespected and motivated more than a shot at their worthiness.
  11. All Vol!

    Bulletin Board Material

    I’d say it’s naive to assume they don’t. But good news!…your participation is not mandatory.
  12. All Vol!

    Bulletin Board Material

    I sometimes wonder how much or how often Vol players visit this forum. It got me thinking this could be an avenue for us to directly impact the outcome of games, by sharing bulletin board material that might give visiting players that little bit of extra motivation, that little bit of extra fire...
  13. All Vol!

    Florida Atlantic Message Board

    Transition defense will obviously be a big key. If we can keep them off the 3 line, I don't know where else a lot of points will come from for them, but they are quick so we'll see how well we defend their mid range stuff+ dribble & drive stuff in the lanes. But you know actually, even if they...
  14. All Vol!

    Can the Vols finally break the glass ceiling this year?

    Ah, sounds like you were military. I was there for a less noble reason, shacking up with my German girlfriend. :D
  15. All Vol!

    Can the Vols finally break the glass ceiling this year?

    Whereabouts in Deutschland? I lived near Hanover for a couple years. 👍
  16. All Vol!

    Can the Vols finally break the glass ceiling this year?

    You’ve basically described my childhood there. Taping the games, lying in bed nights listening to the playback. Sir John Ward introducing the “slender junior from Marietta Georgia” and countless other memories, courtesy of Big Orange basketball. Did you by any chance have a Nerfoop goal over...
  17. All Vol!

    Duke coaches and players

    To his credit, Plavvy has learned to offer opposing players a hand up after he knocks the sh*t out of’em. That’s real growth.
  18. All Vol!

    With all the talk by the media about our physical play, will that affect how the game is called?

    The more I look at it the more I believe that, in reality, by far the most egregiously wrong call made in the game was changing the foul called against Roach and giving it to Proctor. The replay was a no doubter. The announcers acknowledged the refs handed Duke a "huge break" but then moved on...
  19. All Vol!

    Interesting Stats On The Game For The Elite 8

    This ‘losses after beating Duke’ is an iffy metric imo. I can see how some teams get it in their heads that they’ve peaked after knocking off a perennial power like the Blue Devils. We may have fallen victim to something like this last year after winning the SECT for the first time in forever...
  20. All Vol!

    Florida Atlantic Message Board

    These head to head rolling comparisons are often not indicative of much. We beat South Carolina by 40+, who then promptly went to Rump Arena and beat the Cats, who then proceeded to beat us twice. No rhyme or reason. Who will be hungrier on Thursday? That’s the metric.

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