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    Summer Ball 2023

    Saw where UT Redshirt OF Colby Backus playing Summer ball for Johnson City Doughboys. The Johnson City infield will consist of Danny Infante (Cloud County Community College), Cody Miller (East Tennessee State), Andrew Neil (Folsom Lake Junior College), Jack Pokorak (High Point), Braden Spano...
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    This team has just gotten better and better

    Yep and also have the other Joyce, Zac he's not Ben's 105 but the slow one that tops out at 98-99 that can come in on special situations. We are blessed with arms and is why if some of the young highly talented players start hitting on big time clip consistently, could be a dynamic situation to...
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    Pitching choices??

    Yep, you can look at it from both sides. If Karen pitches AR and loses 1 to 0 in an extra inning game and they lose the 1st losers bracket game because AR was spent ineffective and/or whoever they started was sub par. Then you have some that say we should have saved AR and navigate the losers...
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    This team has just gotten better and better

    I see some really dumb takes on Facebook all the time, I'm thinking drive by fans. I think when a big game comes up they think, hey I'll add my expertise to the game thread. Usually the really asinine takes are from posters I rarely see on here throughout the week..
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    This team has just gotten better and better

    Clemson is a stellar team that was on a 17 game W streak. They know how to win period. The Vols could have thrown it in like some of our posters but they hung tough. 1 strike away from victory and credit to Clemson they tied it up to keep the game alive but the Vols kept coming, very proud of...
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    I can't believe Oscar turned down this NIL deal

    I never could understand the love and adoration some of these players get especially Oscar. IMO I didn't see anything special like he cuts up with media and they just love it or he's got such an innocent face the refs just defer on his rough play must have been instigated by the mean players. Or...
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    NFL executive says former Vols WR Jalin Hyatt is 'naive'

    There will be another article about some wide receivers not having enough confidence to play in the league. It will say to be a great WR in the league you've got to be arrogant and cocky or you'll just be another stiff. More clicks will ensue and then another article where you have to...
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    Recruit explains how Heupel is different

    I agree, precious time would factor in this. You have to pick and be a good judge with instinct were you really want to invest time in the recruiting game.
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    The Official Tennessee vs Charlotte Regional Game Thread Friday 6PM EST ESPNU

    Cornbread seem to be our nemesis ala Pruitt
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    4* RB Peyton Lewis Commits to the Vols

    I see some NIL's deals with some Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge corporate entities, if he makes a name for himself he would be a natural.
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    Danny White to USC? Rumor mill is insane

    o_O& some worried Bama would come after Pruitt, its amazing sometimes the train of thought.....
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    Tennessee Softball 2023

    and Umps sometimes and coaches like Bamas baseball HC that betted on games. Players are the common denominator BUT its not as simple as some would believe. Betting is an outlier some can be bought.
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    ‘95 team vs ‘97 team

    If that Memphis game would have been played in the replay era, Vols would have won. They showed the kickoff return over everyone of announcers said he was plainly down knee touched but they didn't whistle it so no replay back then, just went with the bad calls and lived with them. The 96' team...
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    Top 3 left in the portal

    I'd heard LSU won by luck also but I would reference it more as fortunate, things played out in a perfect storm for them. They were not the best team in the country everyone knows that. They were fortunate that the draws and a few upsets in certain brackets etc... what makes the Tourney exciting...
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    Yes, showed him on TV some games.
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    Josh Heupel “We’re going to play Elite Defense”

    This^ and one of their TDs was a gift from the non forced HH injury and he dropped the ball and 7 points. Think about it even though our D was either laying down or out of sync. This unforced error caused a 14 point change in the game. Would we have been able to out score them if this doesn't...
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    Kiki Milloy is great and the daughter of Lawyer Milloy former NFL 4 time NFL Pro bowl selection and Super bowl winner as a New England Patriot. So, it fits perfectly in a football forum. GBO & Lady Vols.
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    Julian Phillips in the transfer portal

    JJJ Freshman year= 29.9 min./7.4 pts/5.5 RB/FG%37/3FG%36.7/STL0.9/ASIT 2.9/FT%77.8/TO 2.5/ JP Freshman year= 24.1 min./8.3 pts/4.7 RB/FG%41/3FG%23.9/STL0.6/ASIT 1.4/FT%82.2/TO1.3/ Overall their stats are close I believe he would be a solid player like JJJ but IMO his ceiling is a G league or...
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    Not Cool SDS

    Yep, they are definingly bottom feeders in the business. Their name is great it just oozes football in the South but the name alone was their first and last accomplishment in Sports media.
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    Waaaay TOO early official betting lines Vols games

    Not that it matters much but we scored 17 on them in 2021, the most they gave up in regular season.

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