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    Mizzo fires baseball coach

    He recruited pretty well at semo and had a really good team his last two years there. Wasn’t a terrible hire on Mizzou part I don’t think, that’s just a hard place to win at.
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    Jalin Hyatt - WTH?

    I totally agree with your assessment I love the guy and want him to be a hof but if you watch his film he is just wide open (which is due to the system) he cannot make anyone miss in the open field and I’m still not sold on how good his hands are.
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    College Spring Game attendance (Vols #5)

    Gotta say I’m proud and embarrassed to say we did the same thing the past 20 years.
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    Tennessee won the game with elbows.

    Let’s go!!!! Win and advance name of the game! Rocky top!
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    I bet if you ask Arizona and Virginia…

    The name of tournament play win and advance. that’s what we did might not of been pretty but got the job accomplished.
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    Brugler's current NFL Draft Top 100

    Really enjoyed watching Hyatt play for Tennessee not sure his draft stock should be so high though. To me his hands are questionable at times and he can’t make guys miss after the catch. Would love to be proven wrong though.
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    How do you explain that final no-call? Asking seriously.

    I love this take they let the guys play all game and that’s what fans want. By allowing that style of play you can’t decide the game on a throw up shot by blowing the whistle. Also we forget that the refs went to monitor the drive before were the ball went off Vescovi, while at that monitor they...
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    Hookers draft projection

    Unfortunately the draft is more off intangibles and projectability than what you have shown me in college. As stated he is older and will miss a whole season due to his acl, this leads me to think he is a late round guy, possibly even an udfa.
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    Hyatt and Tillman at bowl game?

    Neither were there, team only is allowed to travel so many so why travel two guys that are preparing for the nfl? Nothing against them or the team just doesn’t make sense logistically.
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    Best College Football Environments (Vols dominate top 4)

    I was at the South Carolina game, the atmosphere at that game to me was very underwhelming (unless you love techno music)

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