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  1. tennesseekilt

    Tennessee's Hendon Hooker is "Shockingly Great"

    If he starts, absolutely.
  2. tennesseekilt

    Todays Game Vs Duke

    My sentiments exactly. No way Vols win this game. Hell would freeze over first.
  3. tennesseekilt

    Big Throw Joe

    I'd like to officially say for the 'record' that I was wrong about Milton. Given his history, I didn't have a lot of hope that he would be able to perform at the level he did, but he proved me and many other doubters wrong. Hopefully it'll continue into next season - and also, crow tastes great. :)
  4. tennesseekilt

    It Could Happen - Hope It Does

    Crazy that Guarantano could get a shot while Josh Dobbs never saw the field even though he showed out constantly in the preseason.
  5. tennesseekilt

    Do we win the bowl game?

    I hope I'm wrong, but I can't see us beating any good team with Milton at the helm. Should beat the middling to bad ones next year though. Crow would taste sweet, so again I hope I'm wrong.
  6. tennesseekilt

    POLL: Which Bowl outcome would you prefer, a victory over Tulane in Cotton or a loss in Orange or Sugar?

    Well, if we were talking a lower-tier bowl like the Music City or something along those lines, a Sugar Bowl loss might be preferable just for the appearance/prestige ... maybe.
  7. tennesseekilt

    POLL: Which Bowl outcome would you prefer, a victory over Tulane in Cotton or a loss in Orange or Sugar?

    Given our, er, limitations with Milton at QB, would you prefer to get snubbed in bowl selection but go on for a decisive victory in the Cotton Bowl, or would you rather go to the Orange or Sugar Bowls even if it's a sure loss? The scenarios are defined as a certain victory in Cotton vs a lesser...
  8. tennesseekilt

    The Vandy game is CRITICAL

    Remember 2016, when we beat Florida and had had a pretty solid season, and were in line for a Sugar Bowl bid until an upset end-of-season loss to Vandy? Completely ruined the season. Yes, this season was arguably ruined in a lot of ways by the USEjr loss given the chance we had to play for a...
  9. tennesseekilt

    Think we’ll be a one and done team after this year?

    I think the people thinking Milton will be solid are deceiving themselves. I hope I'm wrong, but I just don't see it. I think he'll consistently throw uncatchable rockets at people at 10-15 yards and keep missing the long ones, leading to a QB controversy early in the season. Again, would LOVE...
  10. tennesseekilt

    How much better is UGA?

    The great thing about the Alabama win is that the Georgia game doesn't mean as much - assuming Tennessee takes care of the rest of its business, of course. Going 11-1 would still mean a likely playoff spot and avoiding playing Alabama again on a neutral field.
  11. tennesseekilt

    Which game is more important...

    Unlikely that we win both, obviously. If I had to pick one loss, it would be to GA and they go to SEC championship game to face Bama while we potentially go to playoffs 11-1. If we beat them once, it's unlikely we would beat them again.
  12. tennesseekilt

    Playoff prediction

    The only viable playoff scenario for UT - I think - is splitting Bama and UGA, losing to UGA. This enables the possibility of 11-1 without having another loss in the SECG. We aren't going undefeated and we aren't beating Bama twice.
  13. tennesseekilt

    One Play

    My sentiments exactly!
  14. tennesseekilt

    One Play

    What a difference one play can make. Yesterday, Tennessee stood one successful hail-Mary away from as devastating a loss as any football team could possibly endure. If one loss could come close to killing a program for years after, this would have been it. It should have never come to that, of...
  15. tennesseekilt

    cupcake games

    Nothing. Not a damn thing. Even if we were winning it sometimes, how is it fair that we should have to play the top West team EVERY SINGLE YEAR?
  16. tennesseekilt

    cupcake games

    Some good points on this thread but this is exactly how I feel.
  17. tennesseekilt

    cupcake games

    That is definitely the kind of good point I'm looking for. Just having a hard time getting 'excited' for Akron. LOL
  18. tennesseekilt

    cupcake games

    I don't know about the rest of you, but this week sort of feels like a bye week to me or at least a glorified scrimmage. And we have THREE on the schedule like this, plus an actual bye week. It's a tale as old as time, I know, and I also understand the SEC is tough, but I would much prefer to...
  19. tennesseekilt

    Following up on Vols QB transfer-outs

    Call me bitter and cynical, but other than for them to be free from injury, I don't wish anybody even the slightest bit of success at another program after they leave UT. They can all pound sand. :)

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