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    Hendon Hooker #68 to the Lions

    Don't forget about Terry Fair.
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    Does anyone know if ESPN is camped out with HH tonight?

    I'm camping on Douglas lake, and the ESPN van is here. I just saw Hendon come out of his tent and start building a campfire. Looks like they are setting up the cameras now. Look for me on TV. I'm wearing camouflage.
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    Prayers Needed

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    Penny Hardaway Water Bottle Toss

    My 7 year old girl has better throwing form. He's such a pansy.
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    Juju Update: 03-16-23 1:01PM - Juju did well overnight without the ventilator, and this morning they took her off of nasal oxygen port. She has been breathing today completely on her own. She has made tremendous strides today. I went to the grocery store to grab some stuff, and when I got back...
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    Anyone see that Fran Frashilla was reported to accuse Rick Barnes of cheating?

    I surprised you're still fooling around with with such high standards.
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    You're welcome! Please keep praying!
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    - She is out of surgery. We just met with two of the surgeons. Julianne is doing great. The neurosurgeon said for such a complex surgery that it was boring. (Which is great!) They've already seen some improvement through electro signals to her left side which is the weaker side. It was as good...
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    Update: They called from surgery to report everything is going great and she's doing great. They anticipate it being a few more hours. Keep praying
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    They took her back to surgery around 930. Please don't stop praying!
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    VFLs cashed in today

    I'd give 32 million dollars for a $33M contract.
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    She is still in Cincinnati in the hospital on the ventilator. She may have surgery on Tuesday if things go right. She needs several miracles so please keep praying because I know God is able! Pray for her parents as well. Thanks so much to all who are praying and those who have donated $. Her...
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    Praise God for this response!!! 😭
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    Please Pray for Julianne

    One of our Vol brothers is facing a nightmare! His 3 year old daughter,Julianne, was perfectly normal until last Wednesday when she woke up with stroke like symptoms. She has been transferred to Children's hospital in Cincinnati and is now on a ventilator. She is in need of a miracle from God...
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    2 tix + parking pass. UT vs Mizzou

    Will you sell parking pass separately?
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    Student Section

    In my opinion, game atmosphere has been terrible this year. The team deserves more from everyone who attends. Generally speaking, people are way too reserved in TBA.
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    2 lower level, row 3 for UT @ SC 1/7

    Well...I'm heading out to South Carolina in the morning. I'm waiting to buy tix elsewhere until I hear from you. Please respond so I'll know how to proceed. I look forward to hearing from you.
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    2 lower level, row 3 for UT @ SC 1/7

    Please reach out to me at ..I would like to discuss the tickets. Thanks
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    2 lower level, row 3 for UT @ SC 1/7

    When does this "auction" close? Me and my little boy are starting to get excited... 😃

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