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    Early line on Tennessee vs Virginia is out.... spoiler alert... it's high

    Same. I rather be underrated than overhyped. I am fine with the 'disrespect" of being ranked outside the top 10, etc. I think our boys played best last year with a chip on their shoulder. See before Georgia and after South Carolina.
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    SEC Title drought

    I'm probably an outlier, but I really want to win an SEC title, almost more than a national one. I guess that's in part because to me the SEC title still holds a lot of weight, more than other conferences. I feel like you if you can win in the SEC, you are one of the best teams in the country...
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    Tennessee #12 in USAToday Preseason poll

    Yeah, for real. I know some fans feel disrespected by being out of the top 10, but I can remember getting excited about just being in the top 25 during that 15 year rough stretch. We had an amazing year. Next step of this rebuild of our football program is showing some consistency. We need...
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    *****Official Orange and White Game Thread 2:30 PM SECN+ ESPN+

    Good game. Pretty balanced offense versus defense, which is the best outcome. I would be concerned if the defense couldn't stop the offense with no starting WRs or OLs. And the offense functioned pretty well considering it was a bunch of young guys out there. You really don't want these games...
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    Nico on QB battle

    Yeah, even if Joe has some hiccups throughout the year, I think from the leadership standpoint alone he should start. Seems some fans underestimate the difficulty of even managing this offense. Even in Vandy game when he didn't look too hot (to be fair it was awful weather), he protected the...
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    Good to See Neyland is Feared Again

    Yes, but I also don't even know if it matters if the freshman play. I think just having some competition and some athletic guys behind them in depth can light a fire under some of the returning players and push them harder. Last year we were literally just struggling to have guys fill positions...
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    Vols Spring Practice #2

    It's crazy to think about what we will be able to do with more depth. Last year was amazing, and not to discredit our guys, but our depth was paper thin, especially defensively. To have actual options and competition is huge. We have a full crew of dudes out there competing this spring, which I...
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    Are we back ?

    Everyone loves talking playoffs and Natties, but I really want the SEC title first. Being champion of the best league in CFB would be massive by itself. It still means something to me!
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    Interesting film analysis - Kurt Warner on Hendon Hooker

    I think a factor that works in Hooker's favor is he is coachable. The guy wants to learn, and has shown his ability to develop from VT to this past season. He may not "read" the defense well as Kurt suggests, but I have no doubts Hooker could learn if a NFL coach gives him a chance. I think...
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    Vrabel mentions Dobbs when asked about potential QB

    I don't know enough about the NFL to say whether or not he is starter material, but Dobbs can clearly play in the NFL. With an absolutely terrible offensive line he was able to throw for more yards than that rookie in all three of his starts combined. Dobbs can clearly keep up. Again, maybe he...
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    CBS Article re: Tennessee QB battle

    This story is a nothing burger. He may be the best QB ever or the worst, but this guy has no clue either way.
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    Joe Milton outlook?

    One thing about the Clemson game is while Joe was good, it was also a solid team performance. Run game was good, defense made some plays upfront and even in the secondary. It was a really balanced performance, and that is what gives me a lot of hope for next year. However, I don't want to...
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    Vols No. 6 in Preseason SP+ Rankings

    I would also like to point out, as you said, we had decent recruiting during bad years. Just goes to show recruiting classes don't equal success alone. You still need a good coach.
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    Dangerous SECE Team

    When thinking about these games, I think we need to consider our home field advantage. One of the great things about last year was going undefeated in Neyland. One of the best stats of last year. I hope the trend continues next year. I think it also could potentially make the GA game a more...
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    2023 Expectations

    Agreed. People are underestimating us. The Dline and rush defense was a marked improvement over 2021 and really solid. Another year of growth and we are going to be scary for other teams. Also, we have a bunch of young talent in the secondary now (which creates competition) and our returning...
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    Dangerous SECE Team

    I agree SCAR will be the next best east team besides GA. FL is reminding me of us during our lost years this past decade. Loads of talent, but just not clicking as a unit. I think we should be able to handle them. Hoping for a similar game to LSU this past year. A little off topic, but does...
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    A good sign.......

    I have a feeling we are going to have to get used to coaches be hired as head coaches elsewhere. Which is a wonderful problem to have after all these years. Looking forward to seeing the Heupel coaching tree evolve.
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    Defensive Coordinator Tim Banks Subject Of Episode 10 Of Vol Club Confidential Podcast

    Yeah, I know some fans are frustrated with the D at times, but they made huge strides from 2021. Banks doesn't get enough credit. This year we only gave up more than 30 point 3 times. I know we give up yards, but those guys are on the field A LOT. Our run D is legit and I think our Dline is...
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    Orange & White Game set for April 15

    Honestly I feel like it would be a ballsy move to wear them again and exercise this demon. Heck, do it against SC. This program needs to become too good to be impacted by "curses."
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    Marvin West on Nico

    His biggest asset is he is teachable and wants to learn. You really can't under estimate the mindset and mental part of the game.

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