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  1. The_Big_Orange

    Updated UT Point Spread vs UF

    There is no silver lining to that game I’m afraid.
  2. The_Big_Orange

    Weird thing I noticed about 24/7 site

    As it was loading the webpage, for literally a tenth of the second, the stars were beer mug emojis. I’m guessing it’s some behind the scenes thing? Has anyone else ever spotted that?
  3. The_Big_Orange


    Can y’all stop bumping this incredibly stupid thread and take your off topic conversations somewhere else? Seriously. Seeing this on the front page every day makes us all look like like morons
  4. The_Big_Orange

    Hoping HH gets another Big Opportunity to Shine!

    He has the work ethic and discipline a lot of guys just don’t have. He’s going to do well for himself.
  5. The_Big_Orange

    Josh Tuned Down Nico Fever

    Not to be that guy, but yes there has been.
  6. The_Big_Orange

    Pate: stadium atmosphere

    I sat in the GA season ticket holder section, maybe 20 rows up. More rednecks than you can find in my west TN town of 900 people. Maybe they upgraded their bathrooms, but this was in the season ticket holder section. It’s not all that all.
  7. The_Big_Orange

    Pate: stadium atmosphere

    No one questions it? Speak for yourself Personally I beg to differ…. A lot. I live here in GA and all I heard about is how amazing it is. So I was genuinely excited to go We walked through the projects to get to the stadium. Stadium looked tossed together. Bathrooms made Neylands look like a...
  8. The_Big_Orange

    Vols offense looked at as gimmick

    I blocked AZ sports. Zach is such a drama queen. He tries to churn out articles left and right and the only way to do that is make news, not report it.
  9. The_Big_Orange

    A good sign.......

    Get a brian!
  10. The_Big_Orange

    I'm glad Dee Beckwith has found his calling

    I haven’t watched wrasslin since the 90’s but those guys always amazed me. One wrong move or be out of position just a little bit and it’s most likely game over. Crazy stuff
  11. The_Big_Orange

    I’m looking for old ticket stubs…

    Why not ask people to attach high quality images of the stubs and then find somewhere that would make these for you? I’m sure someone can create copies that look like the real thing.
  12. The_Big_Orange

    Cornbread's final recruiting class

    How is this different than literally any other year since 2005-ish?
  13. The_Big_Orange

    Public service request

    To our fellow “UT” fans who feel the need to make a post about how they are pulling for another rival SEC team, can you create that in the around the NCAA forum? This particular forum is for Vols fans.
  14. The_Big_Orange

    I'm rooting for Georgia!

    Glad you felt the need to tell us this. Can we move this to around the NCAA please?
  15. The_Big_Orange

    I had no idea Clemson was this terrible...

    This has to be a rival fan trolling us. Odd that Depressed Fan only seems to thumbs up threads like this too but both accounts were made within 15 days of each other so….. Couple of ignore list additions on deck.
  16. The_Big_Orange

    Holding my nose and pulling for GA.

    None of y’all pulling for GA have ever lived here. Worst fans on earth
  17. The_Big_Orange

    Who Was Your First Favorite CFB Player?

    Mose Phillips. Dude was legit. His watch is annoying tho..
  18. The_Big_Orange

    2 staffers leaving with Golesh

    These are dudes. Much like us dudes. Let’s celebrate them stepping up in the world. I hope they do great things.

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