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  1. Orange_Rush

    Didn't take Freeze long to start poaching players

    Isn’t everyone softer than 1-ply?
  2. Orange_Rush

    Why no one should worry about LSU

    USC has already lost and TCU will lose (possibly against Baylor this weekend). I project the final four will look like: 1- Georgia (13-0) 2- Ohio State (13-0) 3- Tennessee (11-1) 4- Michigan (11-1)
  3. Orange_Rush

    Kentucky 2 Lower level Y8 seats 15&16 row15

    I would do $400 for the pair.
  4. Orange_Rush

    Don’t hate me… (NSFW audio)

    Alabama isn’t going to beat Ole Miss.
  5. Orange_Rush

    The Official #6 Tennessee vs. #3 Alabama Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    I’m still not sure that it actually happened.
  6. Orange_Rush

    We're in Pittsburgh!

    We’re headed over in the morning.
  7. Orange_Rush

    Neyland seating

    You are lucky then. I’ve been to at least 75% of the games the past 15 years. I have seen a fight break out at the majority of conference games. A few years ago a Florida fan sitting next to me took a few swings at a TN 3 rows in front of me and nearly knocked my wife (she was 5 months...
  8. Orange_Rush

    Transfer RB Lyn-J Dixon committed!

    Say what you want but I at least commend the coaching staff for recognizing a problem and going out to find a solution. That’s more than what Jones or Pruitt would have done. He gives us depth where we needed it.
  9. Orange_Rush

    Neyland seating

    I agree. Take them to the Ball St. or Akron game. That way you don’t have to deal with the fights and craziness.
  10. Orange_Rush

    The Official #1 Tennessee vs Notre Dame Super Regional Games Thread (Fri 6/10 6PM EST ESPN 2) ( Sat. 6/11 2PM EST ESPN ) (Sun. 6/12 1PM EST ESPN)

    True. The one difference is that MS St won the first game and then lost the second. However, I still think Tennessee wins the series.

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