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  1. JohnnyBall

    18 AP / 17 Coaches

    Eye test. They are not as good as Tennessee, probably about Kentucky level.
  2. JohnnyBall

    Any Tri Cities fans driving over Saturday got an extra seat?

    Got a knee issue and can’t drive for a week or two,would be willing to buy the gas and some amenities if so...
  3. JohnnyBall

    Sankey responds to transfers

    One player costs Tennessee 4 wins. And it ain’t Guarantano? Calling BS.
  4. JohnnyBall

    Georgia loses starting QB for 2020

    If Daniel is better than Guarantano it’s not by much And Tennessees backs are better
  5. JohnnyBall

    Finebaum hates us..

    He hasn’t lived in Alabama in six years. Might own a house there still.
  6. JohnnyBall

    What do y'all think

  7. JohnnyBall

    Can this save the season... and more important things?

    October Surprise that happened in April
  8. JohnnyBall

    What do y'all think

    There are no old sickly fat college football players
  9. JohnnyBall

    Power 5 talking about no fall football

    All of a sudden it became a “emergency“ when the commissioners realized that they were going to have to come up with some sort of a definite plan such as making a decision on playing football.
  10. JohnnyBall

    Brett McMurphy source: College Football Season is Done

    Forgive me but I’m not gonna put much powder into a conference that plays on Tuesday nights influencing the SEC into anything. Have any of the wise guys predicting this considered the MAC can’t pay for their season since they all get huge payouts from multiple P5 teams? Didn’t think so.
  11. JohnnyBall


    Anybody going over to Athens, need a ride-wife sick and can’t go, Don’t want to ride by myself if I don’t have to. Let me know on here if possible. Don’t need any negative comments so save it for somebody else
  12. JohnnyBall

    Davenport Fired

  13. JohnnyBall

    Keller Chryst Signing to be announced in the morning per

    Yeah JG took not playing in Atlanta so well..must have been the competitive fire making him pout.
  14. JohnnyBall

    What do you think about the proposed kickoff rule.

    Yankee football thought up by a Yankee No thanks
  15. JohnnyBall

    Evan Berry: what could have been

    Want him back??Worst coach in NCAA any sport.Blew 4 two TD leads in '16, including the one at UF that cost him a division championship.. lost to USC, Vandy in the same year with overwhelming talent and BCS bowls on the line. Oh yeah,dont forget his three bowl victories .Cause he sure as ****...
  16. JohnnyBall

    First place in the SEC Standings!

    And again,the tiebreaker doesnt count toward the SEC title,only the tournament

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