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    NFL executive says former Vols WR Jalin Hyatt is 'naive'

    Ok? Just go out and prove them wrong. We need these drafted players to be successful to help recruiting and the false narrative that this is a gimmick offense.
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    Danny White to USC? Rumor mill is insane

    This on top of the fact that so many have bolted from California for good reason the past few years.
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    Danny White to USC? Rumor mill is insane

    I came across this and had good laugh at John Currie showing up at number three on the list: Who will USC hire to replace Mike Bohn as AD? These are the top candidates to watch
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    Danny White to USC? Rumor mill is insane

    That's nuts. I read that the highest paid AD gets just over 3 million. If this really is true they would be giving him 5 million more than the highest paid AD. He's in a great spot at UT, why would he want to start over besides the money?
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    Early line on Tennessee vs Virginia is out.... spoiler alert... it's high

    Oh wow, had no idea. We should win handily.
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    Early line on Tennessee vs Virginia is out.... spoiler alert... it's high

    Had no idea they had arrogant fans. Don’t recall last time Virginia won anything of significance in football.
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    Especially the "Recruiting Forum Football Talk VI" thread which is very rarely about "recruiting football talk".
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    '24 MO WR Ryan Wingo

    I don’t understand people who spend their time on a rival message board. I’m annoyed just seeing or pop up. Can’t imagine going through the trouble of creating a user or even perusing the posts…
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    SEC Title drought

    I sure hope so. UGA just seems to be so dominant along the line of scrimmage. I really like our OL and DL coaches though.
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    SEC Title drought

    We’ll have a good team this year and at least the Georgia game is in Knoxville, but I think we’re a year or two away from really matching up with them.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk VI

    I remember the name. I think he managed to get on the field some a couple years ago? Odd choice.
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    '24 VA RB Peyton Lewis (Tennessee commit)

    Maybe they're offering immediate playing time like Butch used to do. That will backfire.
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    '24 VA RB Peyton Lewis (Tennessee commit)

    Yeah I don't get it either. I've lived in Columbia. It's flat and miserable and the downtown isn't all that special. Their mascot is named after a you-know-what and they don't have a history of winning anything of significance. They're probably cheating.
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    Draft Kings has Vols O/U at 9.5

    Yeah I just saw in another thread that they’ve had 26 transfers that included a pretty high number of former highly rated players. Not sure how many were starters but it’s still a depth hit I would think and I know their QB left for the NFL. Maybe they really will suck. Would be nice not to...
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    Draft Kings has Vols O/U at 9.5

    From what I recall it was early in the game. I thought he played excellent overall later on, especially those throws to Bru and Squirrel as you pointed out but there were some moments where I thought he held on to the ball too long and the pocket collapsed. It also happened in the first couple...
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    '24 GA DL Jeremias Heard (Tennessee commit)

    Mt McCullers is the most recent one I can think of.
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    Not Cool SDS

    I don't recall the last time I clicked on one of their "articles".
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    Draft Kings has Vols O/U at 9.5

    I get it...but they've had THAT many leave?

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