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    '24 MS DL Kamarion Franklin

    On3 dropped this kid from the 30’s to the 200’s in overall rankings. That’s criminal, this kid is elite.
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    '24 MS DL Kamarion Franklin

    Predicting where this kid ends up now, is like predicting the NCAA tournament champ when the bracket is released. You can maybe narrow it down to a group of teams, and he could end up at any of them. Long way to go with this kid. I think us, Alabama, Ole Miss, Miami, Florida St, Auburn, and a...
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    '24 OH RB Jordan Marshall (Michigan commit)

    Wow, well it’s best we know now so we can focus on Russell, Lewis, etc
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    '24 AL EDGE Jordan Ross

    Bumped up to #12 in overall rankings on 247.
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    '24 GA WR Mike Matthews

    - Chad Simmons ON3
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    '24 MS WR JJ Harrell (Tennessee commit)

    Pumped for this commitment. Kid could play at any school in the country.
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    '24 TN DB Marcus Goree (Tennessee commit)

    Assuming this is good news for us?
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    Official Seed List Watch Party Thread

    Due to avoiding rematches and same conferences this stuff happens all the time. We aren’t gonna be the two in Alabamas region and probably not Kansas’s either although that’s possible.
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    '24 GA QB Jake Merklinger (Tennessee commit)

    -ON3 Article basically list Tennessee, Michigan State, UNC, Georgia, and Clemson as the top contenders.
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    '24 MO TE Jaden Reddell (Georgia commit)

    Would be a huge pickup. Fant was solid last year but could you imagine this offense with an All SEC type player at TE.
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    '24 GA WR Mike Matthews

    We are in it, long way to go. Don't think there is a definitive favorite at this point.
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk VI

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve lost all of my grandparents. It’s hurts to not have them around anymore but once they get to a certain age you realize that life is very hard on them. Many of their friends have passed, they are lonely and all the health problems at an advanced age makes quality of...
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    '24 SC WR Mazeo Bennett (uscjr)

    It seems like we completely stopped recruiting him after he de-committed at least thats my perception. Good pick up for S Carolina but if there was one position on the entire team im not worried about its WR. We only play about 4 guys anyway and every single guy that plays produces no matter...
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    ‘23 SC WR Devin Hyatt (Arizona)

    Per Chad Simmons, he’s likely to sign with Arizona.
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    '24 ★★★★★ Post April 2024 Board

    I’d add Jarvis Boatwright to S Kamron Mikell to Ath Ondre Evans to DB or ATH Brandon Nicholson to DB or ATH
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    '24 MS WR JJ Harrell (Tennessee commit)

    He really gushed about his visit to LSU as well. Not sure where he is leaning
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    ‘23 VA ATH Cameron Seldon (Tennessee Commit)

    Starts in March with spring game in April. It sure if official dates have been decided yet. In the past the spring game is early April but Heupel seems to do it a couple weeks later than previous coaches. But April sometime
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    Recruiting Forum Football Talk VI

    Personally I’ve had about enough of Maishack. He’s terrible offensively. We need to bring in some players with at least some offensive skill.
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    Top Performers: Sound Mind Sound Body Super Max 100 Midwest Invitational

    Didn’t realize Goree was that fast. We need him to go ahead and commit soon.
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    '24 FL S Fred Gaskin III

    I’m not sure which DB prospects we ultimately end up with, but we are contenders for so many good DB prospects in 2024 that it’s pretty much a lock we will have some great DB’s in this class one way or the other.

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