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    The Grill and BBQ thread

    Tomahawk Prime Rib
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    First Horizon bank in default?

    From what I’ve been told/know TD is still aquiring First Horizon. One of the major holds ups has been regulatory approvals. There was a clause in the contract stating there would be an automatic extension to May 27 if the merger could not be completed before then. Granted the acquisition price...
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    Hand drawn Neyland photo

    I have the Large Neyland one. What did the rocky top look like?
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    Info for Gameday Visitors to Knoxville

    Thank you. Any hotel you recommend? I know everything is through the roof game weekends but hoping to find something somewhat reasonable and not too far from the stadium.
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    Info for Gameday Visitors to Knoxville

    I wanted to bump this thread since I’m sure so many things have changed since 2009. My girlfriend got me tickets to the Georgia game so I will finally be coming back to Rocky Top after about 15 years. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
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    Lost my job December 2nd

    What kind of work do you do?
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    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    Unbelievable how much of this I see and people actually fall for it.
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    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    I wish I had the no stress part 😂😂
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    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    Definitely hope you have a better experience now a days!
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    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    How long ago was this? The company has put a lot of money into building their tech. In 2022 the company has hired about 2,000 tech jobs.
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    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    The merger will undoubtedly bring changes and with any merger there will be trials and tribulations. Most TD locations are open 7 days a week- the call centers are open 24/7 365 days a year. The company prides itself on convenience and customer service. Their model works- in the Northeast there...
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    The car selling adventures of Yankee

    I’ll be honest I work for a bank and am shocked at how much it pays in comparison to other jobs. I’ve been working for this company for 7.5 years. I get 8 weeks of vacation time and the starting rate for our employees start at $20 an hour. Our part timers also receive full benefits. It’s a ton...
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    Cars, Chips, Supply Chain...

    My gf needed a new car so I had been calling dealers and asking what their out the door price is for a Hyundai Santa Fe Plug in Hybrid. Most will tell me over the phone and it’s always over MSRP. The one dealership I called said it’s their policy not to disclose the out the door sales price. I...
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    I did the early +7 with Pittsburgh at +165. I just don’t see a downside on the value of plus odds in any football game when you only have to be up 7 at any point in the game to win.
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    I took the Chargers early win +7 on DraftKings at +160. Max bet $50 won $130.
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    Took the seahawks money line +150 with like a minute or two left in the 4th quarter with Denver on their own 30 facing third down and already down by 1. I just didn’t trust their offense to win the game and glad I trusted my gut. Didn’t bet a lot, but a wins a win
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    Help needed with bbq ideas

    Home SmokingMeatForum His newsletter has recipes and a great forum for smoking recipes/very knowledgeable members
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    Where do you guys see the 1st quarter totals for the Vols? I see the slread and total 1st quarter but not just the vols 1Q
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    Music concerts

    Saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers last week and was really disappointed. It was a bucket list show of mine and had heard amazing stories but I guess the band is older now and can’t play the way they used to. The tempo was pretty slow and the crowd ended up sitting for most of the show. Out of 20...
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    Congrats on the Bills early win! Sometimes you just outthink the obvious choice lol

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