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  1. Nooga

    '24 GA LB Sammy Brown

    You really believe all these recruits are after the money only? Go listen to some of the industry insiders. They’re on record stating that the big boys aren’t spending NIL on incoming high schoolers. The big dollars are reserved for retention efforts on their own roster and plug-and-play transfers.
  2. Nooga

    '24 GA LB Sammy Brown

    He’ll most likely pair that mullet up with o’bowl-cut Kirby.
  3. Nooga

    The Last Person to post wins XVIII

    Shuddup Joe!
  4. Nooga

    '24 MO WR Ryan Wingo

    Yeah…supposedly they are close to a package deal. Will be interesting to see how many skill players follow the #1 QB
  5. Nooga

    Kirby Smart getting desperate for a Good QB?

    Kirby won’t go to NFL, at least as a head coach. He would retire before taking that on. In regards to the OP, Beck is supposedly that dude and has a couple 5 stars behind him. So UGA may very well have a “good” QB on the roster. And as mentioned, they are in tight with Dylan who’s looking like...
  6. Nooga

    Where does YOUR city rank? Map reveals America's STD capitals — with one in SEVENTY people in Memphis estimated to have one

    I bet @joevol33 and @Behr and @theFallGuy are responsible for 90% of these cases due to their truck stop escapades…
  7. Nooga

    Georgia player dies

    Nobody made the other car race. If the facts had shown he was responsible he would have been charged with more severe crimes. Many here took the narrative that he left the scene cause he was drinking too and ran with it, which was not true. I am openly a UGA fan, check my post history, but this...
  8. Nooga

    Georgia player dies

    For any of you who are interested in facts instead of clickbait/TMZ headlines and accusations…
  9. Nooga

    Poor uga. No Affirmation......again......LOL!!

    For someone always complaining about the neediness of a certain fan base, you sure do bring them up a lot…
  10. Nooga

    Missed Connection

    @joevol33 this sounds more like a family reunion activity for your folk
  11. Nooga

    Dixie land delight

  12. Nooga

    Stetson Bennett arrested

    🚨 TRIGGERT 🚨
  13. Nooga

    ‘23 AZ TE Duce Robinson

    The folks in the know on 24/7 seem to think that it’s between MLB and UGA. With Southern Cal taking the Lyons kid, it seems like they are out. If Duce really is a high draftable prospect, especially for the Dodgers, he would be dumb to roll with football.
  14. Nooga

    Stetson Bennett arrested

    Lee Corso Voice: Not so fast my friend! Remember he tried to play TE for the Jags with Urban and still couldn’t hack it.
  15. Nooga

    #4 BasketVols Vs the dirty dawgs Wednesday the 25th at 7:13 pm

    Can we take the kid who hit the halftime shot? Dawgs got no offense. At all. Vols
  16. Nooga

    #4 BasketVols Vs the dirty dawgs Wednesday the 25th at 7:13 pm

    Go Dawgs! - Joe (probably)
  17. Nooga

    Random, Thoughts, X,XXIV

  18. Nooga

    UGA Transfer WR Rara Thomas arrested

    It is his girlfriend who came with him from Miss State. She is carrying his child. Apparently there was a disagreement about how RaRa should be disciplining his younger brother who also lives with him. Understand that these kids don’t live the same life that most of us have been able to. As...

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