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    Jalin Hyatt #73 to Giants, Tilman #74 to Browns

    Congrats to all the Vols who were drafted. Back in Jan, when Hyatt announced he was declaring for the draft, I said I thought it was a big mistake. I didn't believe he was NFL ready and the NIL $$$ he could have made by returning would have been much better than a a late draft pick and a rookie...
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    Any tea leaf readers want to venture a guess on what happens next.

    I meant 3 the first year, 2 the second and 1 in the 3rd year. Six total isn't too far out
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    Any tea leaf readers want to venture a guess on what happens next.

    I believe you are probably pretty close to the final decision outcome. I believe our firing of Pruitt will mitigate some of the penalty. I was thinking a 3-2-1 scholly reduction for 3 years and a big fine but you might be right because the NCAA overreacts to everything.
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    LSU Girls Basketball All Class

    Has ANYONE seen a media clip or article, which refers to Reese as "too 'hood" or "too ghetto?" Of course you haven't, because it doesn't exist.
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    Will the Lady Vols be Improved next Season?

    We surely need a "back to basket" Post Player, so Rikea can be all she can be offensively. LS-Who stole Reese from the portal, so why can't the Vols grab one? BTW, Rikea, as good as she is, will never be a Caitlin Clark. The “I can do everything” Jordan Horston slot: If Horstonis smart, she...
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    AWAKA, AIDOO, and Plasvic should have played more! Yes, L is on Barnes!

    It was a very clear intentional shoulder check. He should have been ejected.
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    What the H*** is Kim Mulkey wearing??

    It's the "outer layer" of Lady Gaga's Meat Dress.
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    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion] (merged)

    That's easy to say until you are asked to name a replacement. Finding a name is easy. Getting them to sign a contract is another story. We are lucky to have Barnes. He does have a few warts but he is still a good Coach who has brought stability to the program.
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    Can the Vols finally break the glass ceiling this year?

    I used to vacation in Cuxhaven, North of Hanover. I lived in Wiesbaden-Walluf; Heidelberg, Friolzheim and Hermersburg. Loved Deutschland
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    Investing in Backup QBs

    Maybe we will find a Joe Burrow in the portal.
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    Texas reached out to Rick Barnes

    If someone offered you $10 million to leave the nasty New England weather and Boston traffic, to go to Austin, you would be gone in a flash. I will be your Assistant for $5M.
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    Texas reached out to Rick Barnes

    Texas would pay Stevens twice what he makes with Boston. Plus, no state income tax in TX makes his money worth more. When money gets involved, I never rule anything out.
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    What is Success?

    Every year there is a Cinderella team. So far, one hasn't emerged. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be FAU. I believe the Vols are the better team if they defend against the 3. We need to stay out of foul trouble. We don't want to give up uncontested shots from the foul line.
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    Edie Darby

    Edie may never be a Superstar but I believe she can become a solid contributor in the future. Sure, she has some physical limitations but all sports have tons of players who have overcome their limitations with hard work and grit.
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    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    Remember, it was ON who first uttered the "in the mud" comment during his post game interview. The networks just took it and ran with it. Vols are pretty good defending against the 3-point shot. If they muscle the paint and take away the 3, it should be a convincing win for the guys in Orange...
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    The LV played an awesome game. It was exactly what we need...when teams double/triple JH and RJ, we need those role players to step up. I don't believe SC, UCONN nor anyone could have beaten the LV tonight. Congrats, LV. Keep it up.
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    Good article about the current state of NIL in WBB

    You make some good points but, European Universities don't depend on sports revenue to exist. They are "State Funded" or donor funded. They believe the ROI on education is much better than the ROI on sports. You are 100% right about the landscape changing over the next 20 years. If I am still...
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    Good article about the current state of NIL in WBB

    Let's stir up the pot a little. Why is it necessary for schools to even have sports teams? The only reason is tradition. What happens if we use the European model? Schools do not field sports teams. The teams belong to the towns and cities. Students go to school for the education, not to...
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    The big Dance

    Maybe if we had Ernie and Bernie. :-)
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    The big Dance

    I believe the Lady Vols got a pretty good draw, that will get them to the Sweet 16. I see no hope for the Men to get to the S-16. I don't believe they can put enough points on the board to beat either Duke or ORU. I sure wish we could sneak Grant Williams and the Admiral into the lineup. I'll...

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