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  1. TNHux

    It’s time. A Kesling thread

    I agree. Nothing against Bob. I appreciate what he has done but I agree that this is a new chapter.
  2. TNHux

    Jeremy Banks

    I grew up before TN had a pro team so I’ve always been a Steelers fan, TJ Watt being out they were a completely different defense, I feel like it was the same with our defense, Banks being out hurt us. There were many reasons we lost to SC but the defense was definitely the main reason.
  3. TNHux


    Men had a lot of turn overs but they had control of the game the whole time
  4. TNHux

    Volnation on suicide watch?

    Nicely said, exactly how I feel
  5. TNHux

    2014 Mississippi State

    1 - I believe in Heupel, he’s building a juggernaut program that was a 20 year dumpster fire. 2 - Nico is coming
  6. TNHux

    Play 60mins and don't let up !!!!!!!!!

    I’m here in Stinkumbia and will be at the game. I hope they score 70+ as well, weather looks like 51 degrees and 7:00 PM
  7. TNHux

    Parking at South Carolina

    Yep, one of the worse
  8. TNHux

    TCU overrated?

    I’m not saying they’re not a good team, but let them play Florida, Bama, and GA every year and see if they’re in the top 5 every year. Their schedule is weak every year besides a couple teams
  9. TNHux

    TCU overrated?

    I would say Michigan and Ohio State are more overrated than TCU
  10. TNHux

    TCU overrated?

  11. TNHux

    How many Vols fans in Columbia this weekend?

    Wife and I will be there and I know 15 other Vol fans that have tickets
  12. TNHux

    *****Pick the Score contest: South Carolina

    TN 62 SC 24 620
  13. TNHux

    Turn Williams Brice orange!

    My wife and I will be at the game along with 8 other Vols fans
  14. TNHux

    Why do we keep running the stupid ball on second down and eight?

    We got beat by an elite team at their house. Are they perfect? No. Can they be beat? Absolutely. But they played good and the crowd noise affected us. Hyatt and Tillman said they couldn’t hear the snap count which messed them up getting their jump. We still got open a few times where HH missed...
  15. TNHux

    Why do we keep running the stupid ball on second down and eight?

    Because we usually pick up 3 or more yards and that opens the playbook up for several more options. Heupel knows what he’s doing
  16. TNHux

    Another kick in the ol' Planters

    But we have a bright future. Played a really good team
  17. TNHux

    Another kick in the ol' Planters

    Haha thanks for letting me get a laugh in. Tough game
  18. TNHux

    Gameday in Athens

    I’m not sure how much it would matter, but it seems like rainy weather would favor GA with their short passes and hurt our long throws
  19. TNHux

    Gameday in Athens

    Kirby is a great coach, he shows respect for other teams and coaches in his interviews. So does Heupel. GBO

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