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  1. IndianapolisVol

    Danny White to USC? Rumor mill is insane

    Don’t let that man leave
  2. IndianapolisVol

    Vol room ! Darts anyone ?

    Now thats a cool dartboard
  3. IndianapolisVol

    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    Remember like 8-9 years ago when you swore that Tennessee’s number font on the Nike uni’s would be atrocious? People don’t forget, man!
  4. IndianapolisVol

    ‘95 team vs ‘97 team

    ‘97 team was loaded with future NFL guys
  5. IndianapolisVol

    Hendon Hooker signs his contract with the Lions

    Happy for him. And very well-deserved. Total class act while he was at UT.
  6. IndianapolisVol

    Uniform/Helmet/Shoe design thread (merged)

    Those jerseys were so damn awesome. If I recall correctly there was an issue where it had too much color at the top of the jersey for it to be considered either a home or away jersey so it had to be a 1 time thing. Although it was a home game, we wore it as a white jersey and UNLV wore red.
  7. IndianapolisVol


    Go vools, bruv. Chewsday, innut?
  8. IndianapolisVol

    Draft Kings has Vols O/U at 9.5

    I wonder how much it’ll change (if at all) between now and August. I know LSU turned it around and ended with 10 wins last season but I think we’ll finish with more wins than them again this year.
  9. IndianapolisVol

    Any player with remaining eligibility should be eligible to return…

    I agree. If Gaston isn’t the first pick in ‘24 after he wins the Heisman this fall he should be able to come back for another season.
  10. IndianapolisVol

    Would Heupel tell Simpson “I hold you to wait”?

    Finebaum reporting that Saban has identified Gaston Moore as his top transfer QB prospect. And Hyams reporting that Brent Schaeffer has transferred out of the program.
  11. IndianapolisVol

    Talk to us about......the best to ever do it (Episode 16)

    Was so awesome how he retired in ‘98. The last football game he called was the 1999 Fiesta Bowl when we won the National Championship. For his final basketball game that spring my family listened to the game on the radio instead of watching on TV.
  12. IndianapolisVol

    Way too early REALISTIC stats for Milton

    I don’t think he’ll throw 10 picks, that’s almost 1 per game. Joe has yet to throw a single interception since he’s been at UT and only thrown 6 his entire career (played in 30 career games).
  13. IndianapolisVol

    Vols Spring Practice #8

    Thanks Fingers! Hate seeing our top 4 receivers all sitting out with injury but hopefully the young guys make the most of the extra reps.
  14. IndianapolisVol

    Episode 14: Talk to us about a familiar voice.....

    Yes I googled it and you are correct, that’s my mistake. Enjoying these threads btw.
  15. IndianapolisVol

    Episode 14: Talk to us about a familiar voice.....

    For some reason I thought that was Tim’s nickname. My bad dude!!
  16. IndianapolisVol

    Crompton named HC at Tuscola HS

    The Sullins brothers. Cody & Cory I believe.
  17. IndianapolisVol

    Crompton named HC at Tuscola HS

    Way to go CrompDaddy!! That ‘09 team was one of my favorites, Crompton, Hardesty, Berry… those guys were awesome.
  18. IndianapolisVol

    Vols Spring Practice #4

    You da man, Fingers! Love all of the new depth (and size !) at cornerback.

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