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    The Official #6 Tennessee vs. #7 Clemson Orange Bowl Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Nice win. We may not agree on much, but damn, we can agree that it is nice to see Dabo lose.
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    Is Hooker Huepel's Dobbs?

    To answer the OP’s question, unfortunately no. Hooker was exceptional in the scheme, but the scheme also helped Hooker. Heupel has a solid offense year in and year out. For your sake, he needs to pull an Orgeron and hire a great DC.
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    Jeremy Banks Comments

    My guess is that Banks has been a pain in the neck this year with his production down, perhaps leading to a bad attitude and/or a few minor rule violations. He missed a practice, which was the final straw. The Coach decided to teach him a lesson with a one game suspension, thinking Tennessee...
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    Bowl projections point to Cotton Bowl if Vols beat Vandy

    I am interested to see how many of your players opt out of the bowl game.
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    Bad night, but I still think you would beat

    We all know that any good team can have a bad night. Sometimes, you just try to win and advance. Depth has been the issue for UT in the last 3 years.. Heupel has been great, but he needs two more years to fully get his guys.
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    Bad night, but I still think you would beat

    Everyone not named UGA, if Hooker is ok. With Hooker, in a rematch beating UGA is an open question, although I think we pull out the win. I did not care today when Michigan eeked out a win. When I learned UT was in trouble, I watched. Respect. I look forward to the rivalry.
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    What happened?? (Speculation encouraged)

    I honestly do not know. I had you in for the fourth seed. Heupel is a good coach. I don’t know enough about your DC to say if he should be replaced. However, with Heupel’s offense, you only need a decent defense.
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    I wanted to post out of respect

    Half my family went to Tennessee. Half to UGA. I am now stuck on the left coast talking SDSU with Mountain West fans. I would rather have a knowledgeable and good conversation with an SEC fan.
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    I wanted to post out of respect

    Next year in Tennessee will be interesting, which speaks volumes about what Heupel is doing. Home advantage was a key today. To be honest, I don’t want to face you guys again in January. I would rather get an overrated Michigan or TCU. You guys have the scheme and talent to beat anyone on...
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    I wanted to post out of respect

    What Heupel has done in two years is impressive. We won today with recruiting before Heupel made it to Tennessee. We had the guys who could match up to take away some of the quick passes. It also helped that we had just enough pressure on Hooker to make him adjust some of the long throws that...
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    Well, maybe the positive from tonight…

    There are a lot of positives for Tennessee tonight. Heupel obviously knows what he is doing. That offense worries me. When you guys get more of his type of guys, you are going to be dangerous. Your players also play hard for him. I truly hate to say it, but you finally found a good coach...
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    Hidden Keys: Georgia

    Honest answer: For Tennessee to win, you have to hold like crazy and not get called. Against UK, the refs let everything go. People were bear hugging our d-linemen. It worked, for a while. If the refs let you hold, that gives Hooker time to light up our young secondary.
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    Help me hate Georgia more.

    While I cannot endorse the punching part of your post, I admit that I have never liked the grown men barking cheer.
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    Was Chaney let go?

    You can’t commit recruiting violations if you don’t recruit. He’s fine.
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    Pruitt’s lawyer makes a statement denying wrongdoing

    Honest question, how could Fulmer not know about it? He was micro-managing Pruitt. Didn’t he even coach the o-line on field in a practice, sit in on some meetings, etc.? Fulmer knows how important recruiting is to keep up with the elite teams. Do you think Fulmer would not send e-mails or...
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    The Official #14 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    You guys will not want to hear this, but this is the standard Chaney cycle. He is a good OC, at first. However, he is exceptionally predictable, especially based on formation. Kirby saved Chaney from his career spiral. Arkansas down to Pitt, making peanuts-about a third of what he is getting...
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    Ok, what was it that did us in after half-time?

    Chaney never makes half-time adjustments. He just wants guys to execute better. He killed us the same way. He is good, but he cannot adjust at half-time.
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    Show of hands who's still a believer in this team

    I can only hope you guys fire Pruitt. He is a great coach and has your players playing hard. Your defense was flying to the ball. You have your coach. You just need two more recruiting classes so he can put in his favorite defense, using experienced DB’s on islands to open up more blitzing.
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    The Official #14 Tennessee @ #3 Georgia Game Thread, 3:30 PM ET, CBS

    A real question, can either Chandler or Gray pass? I think Chaney will pull out all of the stops. I think he will try some trick plays; i.e, flea-flicker, RB pass, reverse and pass to JG. I expect a flea-flicker the first play from scrimmage, which is what UGA did against MSU a few years...
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    So who is betting on Tennessee tomorrow?

    Even though I am a Dawg fan, I like betting Tennessee SEC games. As someone who bets often, I like predictability. I study the position group match-ups and look for disparities. I rarely bet non-SEC games, so I avoided Tennessee’s unexpected losses last year that do not need to be mentioned...

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