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  1. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Darnell Wright #10 overall to the Chicago Bears

    That’s so awesome! So happy and proud for Darnell!
  2. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Point me in the right direction Volnation!

    We always stop at the Knoxville Zoo when we’re in town with the kids.
  3. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Any word on how many spring game tickets sold?

    Oh okay. That makes sense
  4. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Any word on how many spring game tickets sold?

    Crowd was big. I wish they would have opened up the south end of the stadium.
  5. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Spring game is no longer free and has premium seating

    The wife and I are gonna bring up our 4 kids to the game. Should be a good environment for them and not be crazy expensive
  6. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Please Pray for Julianne

  7. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Hookers draft projection

    I’m obviously not an NFL draft scout, but it wouldn’t surprise me if he went somewhere from the late 3rd to mid 4th round
  8. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Build your team for $10

    Andy Kelly, Travis Henry, Joey Kent, Dale Carter
  9. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Erik Ainge tees off on Stetson Bennett

    I mean all the 5 stars around obviously helped… but it still takes a lot to work out right to win it all and SB didn’t lose the games for them. I always figured that he’d just have great stories to tell his grandkids someday.. apparently now he thinks he’s really something..
  10. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Erik Ainge tees off on Stetson Bennett

    I’ll give SB some credit, but no… I don’t like him either. I liked him better when it was about his unlikely success story. He’s certainly gotten cocky out there… but hey… he’s backed it up so far.
  11. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Tennessee Christmas House

    That’s awesome!
  12. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Know it is just a money grab

    Cool shirt man! Back when we played the Battle at Bristol I bought a bunch of stuff. Thought it’d be cool to have a few things from that game
  13. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Best High School Player Seen

    I was living in Cartersville, Ga when Trevor Lawrence was in high school and went to a few games. Impressive player to say the least. I recall a play where he scrambled to the left, rolled back to the right and on the run threw a near 50 yard rope to the back right corner of the endzone. When...
  14. smokeycoonhoundUT

    Jerry Palm of CBS Sports has Tennessee ranked #4

    That’s pretty much what I expect to happen. There will be a rematch

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