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  1. FïreBall

    What would you most like to see in the MCB?

    I changed my mind.. Right now would just like to see the game be played...
  2. FïreBall

    Cheez-It Bowl Clemson vs. Iowa State

    That was luck.. I dispise Clemson
  3. FïreBall

    Tennessee Unveils Uniform for bowl game...

    When they announce storm troopers... I always think of this picture! 👇
  4. FïreBall

    ‘23 FL RB Treyaun Webb (Florida commit)

    Charlotte his momma?
  5. FïreBall

    Latest Coronavirus - Yikes

    I'm a fontline worker and disagree with a lot of what's being posted by the other poster. I also visit many facilities with my work. I can 💯 say the numbers are skewed as well.. But we have a thread in another forum for this.. GoVols! Hope everyone is drinking a boilermaker after the game!
  6. FïreBall

    Guitars.. What you got?

    I purchased a old Peavey Classic 20 amp today. Loud little thing.
  7. FïreBall

    Holiday bowl canceled

    If they aren't running a fever and had covid previously or are vaccinated... Play the game and let them play.
  8. FïreBall

    Lock of the Week: Tennessee

    There's no canvel cure if they do...
  9. FïreBall

    What would you most like to see in the MCB?

    2 scores by the defense Or Velus take a PR for 6 and a pick 6 And Hooker throwing for 4 TDs
  10. FïreBall

    More Boilermakers out

    I agree with you.. But on the flip side.. If players are sitting because of NFL and can't play because of academics.. I don't think as much on it. If they have players hurt.. Those are the ones that wish I could play... cause I know those players are missing out as well.
  11. FïreBall

    Lock of the Week: Tennessee

    And how many new coaches does Tn have that hasn't been with this team a year.. And UT isn't 100% either... I say just be happy and enjoy the game.. GoVols! 🍊
  12. FïreBall

    More Boilermakers out

    Nah, most got food poisoning from McDonald's food and they all left the team... Or something like that.. 😂
  13. FïreBall

    Doug Mathews, Jimmy Hyams, Wes Rucker…

    I like CDM and Jimmy Hyams. Listen to Jimmy about every day. I don't have the opportunity to listen to Rucker. I didn't listen to Hyams for a long time based off opinions posted about him. Mistake on my end.
  14. FïreBall

    Armed Forces Bowl: Missouri (6-6) vs Army (8-4) (8PM ET, ESPN)

    Glad it finished with a Army field goal after Mizzous kicker did that salute.. GoArmy!

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