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    Down goes Vandy to UAB

    I could have done without that stat today lol
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    Duke coaches and players

    Yeah not their fault Bilas and other talking heads are soft lol.
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    Tennessee opens as 5.5 point favorite over Florida Atlantic

    So many of us were right there with you.
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    Uros deserves a ton of credit…

    I mean only the very soft elbow yesterday was out of line. And Filiflop should have been called for over the back before that. The elbow was so soft the officials even saw Filipowski flopping. Uros to be effective has to play with an edge. I also don’t always like it but we just have to live...
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    Game Day a bit salty?

    This all day long and twice on Sunday. Bliss is a hack and a hypocrite
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS

    Yeah he gets too much grief. The elbow was a bad play but the blockout foul and the one they reviewed was just Duke being soft
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    Tennessee won the game with elbows.

    That’s what happens when teams are freshman dominated. They are just not ready for the physicality of a game like that
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    The Official #12 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Then we can count on you not posting in the post season right?
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    The Official #12 Tennessee @ Auburn Game Thread, 2:00 PM ET, ESPN

    A poster with no future melts down again
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    Update, prayers answered! Thank you!

    Praying for Silas
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    Did anybody else notice

    This!!!!! Love the Uros
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    Did anybody else notice

    Maybe I’m in the minority but I think we need more of Uros being Uros. He definitely fouled the bama player well after the whistle but the bama player kept trying to make a basket well after the whistle as well. Looked to me like the two other bama players were trying to bait Uros into a T.
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    JJJ hurts us on offense and its apparent when he’s gone

    Couldn’t agree more. Anyone who thinks we are better without JJJ doesn’t know basketball. He does everything. And just like every other player in the country he has a few bad games.
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    The Kif Wants To Knox?

    Have to admit I spent along time hating Spurrier until I realized he could actually take the barbs as well. Kiffin is kinda of the same way. Sometimes I laugh sometimes I just roll my eyes. But like many I will never trust him again.
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    How do you explain that final no-call? Asking seriously.

    This is the correct answer to your question. Had the Auburn player not wrapped his legs around Oliver in an attempt to exaggerate the contact I think he would have gotten the call. And oh yeah Auburn flopped the WHOLE game. Still think it was a foul tho.

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