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  1. l3rewski

    My pictures from the North Texas game

    Some really nice shots in there. Action is great, and I really dig the "sportraits". Well done!
  2. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    Like I said, it's for people that need top of the line low-light performance, overall speed, and durability. To them (people like me) a 1DX is absolutely worth it. If there wasn't a need and a market for that camera, then it wouldn't exist. I rack up 10's of thousands of actuations a year on...
  3. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    Which focus selection mode were you in? Zone, point, expansion, etc?
  4. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    Huh? I said it holds its own against the flagship camera (1DX) in daylight. The AF on the 5DIII is NOT better than the 1DX. Canon is smart when it comes to selling cameras. They're not going to give the 5D series the same overall speed and low-light performance of the 1D series. That being...
  5. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    I have no complaints about it. It could be sharper on the corners, but for my needs, it's fine. I usually stop it down quite a bit anyway. I've never tried a 17-40mm.... that would probably be better for my needs since I'm stopping down (for stadium/arena shots mostly) anyway. I'm hoping to try...
  6. l3rewski

    The Official 2nd Amendment Appreciation Thread

    I did a little digging on the Walther Forums and it looks like the PPK/S is in limbo right now. I guess the S&W license expired and Walther is figuring out which vendors are going to be involved with future production. It sounds like S&W will still be involved to some degree. The PPK/S .22 is...
  7. l3rewski

    The Official 2nd Amendment Appreciation Thread

    As I understand it, the .32ACP PPK was discontinued a few years ago around the time Walther and S&W split their main partnership and Umarex/Walther created Walther Arms to handle US distribution/importation of Walther firearms. Before that, S&W handled all of that stuff... before that it was...
  8. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    Thanks! Here's the EXIF: B&W Flag (It's actually from the @USCe game) Model: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Lens (mm): 16 (16-35mm/2.8) ISO: 6400 Aperture: 4.5 Shutter: 1/640 Exp. Comp.: +0.3 Program: Aperture Priority Focus Mode: AI Servo AF Overhead dunk Model: NIKON D800 Lens (mm): 200...
  9. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    That wasn't me, that was IpleadInsanity. If you're interested in looking, I post my work occasionally on flickr: And I keep my best shots on my portfolio site: Andrew Bruckse Photography. It's pretty much 95% Vol sports... I need to diversify.:) As...
  10. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    There's always luck involved with sports photography, but it's usually combined with good preparation. Jim Brown got that shot with an old school technique where you hang a camera around your neck with a wide-angle lens. You pre-focus the lens to a few feet inside the endzone so when the moment...
  11. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    Wedding photography is tough. I've second shot a handful of them, and I'd recommend you second shoot as many as possible as you learn the basics. They are stressful events and require a pretty strong knowledge of the basic things in photography... exposure, composition, framing, lighting, etc...
  12. l3rewski

    Photography Discussion

    How much experience do you have with photography, and what types of photography are you into? That would determine any other recommendations. A 5DIII and 70-200 is a hell of a setup. I always recommend at least one prime to everyone, but it looks like you got that covered. Really, a 70-200 and...
  13. l3rewski

    Any lawnmower experts out there?

    You never mentioned how much you're cutting, and what size/type of mower you're looking to get. But, for that budget, you can't go wrong really. Anything you read is basically going to be personal preference (Toro, Exmark, Bad Boy for me). All across the board, if I'm not on a diesel, I do...
  14. l3rewski

    UT Claiming A Profit From The Taxlsayer Bowl

    I would guess that you're pretty much short on everything, especially transportation and food costs. As far as the travel party goes, people most often underestimate the number of support staff. Between student managers, equipment managers, medical staff, video staff (not VFL films but...
  15. l3rewski

    Tariq's dad explains his departure.

    Ah, the classy 'ol "He wasn't a VFL" argument. Newsflash: personal relationships can and often do play a bigger role in recruiting than the idea of playing for a specific school. I know that hurts the "rah rah VFL rah rah" fan psyche, but it's the truth.
  16. l3rewski

    Vols Practice - 4 April 2015

    That's Kendrick Turner.
  17. l3rewski

    Cool pictures from first day.

    Donald is the head photographer for the UTAD. He or someone else from Vol Photos will cover every single practice, and a gallery will be posted on We save the Exposure deal for the bigger events.
  18. l3rewski

    Tennessee's power T trademark

    Curious to know the details on the licensing of the Power T once UTK implements it officially. Which entity will own the license, UTK or UTAD? How will licensing royalties be split up for the logo (if at all)?
  19. l3rewski

    Thoughts on ZTR lawn mower

    Do you have a multimeter? If so, verify 12v to the clutch with the PTO switch on and engine running and with someone in the seat (or better yet override that switch and any others like the e-brake with a jumper wire to rule it out). If you don't have 12v, then look on youtube how to diagnose...

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