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    SEC Tourney Survivor Pool Round 3

    South carolina
  2. D

    SEC Tournament Survivor Pool Round 2

  3. D

    Pick'em - SECT - Texas A&M

    Over Under Double
  4. D

    Pick'em - South Carolina - Thursday Start

    2-1 Over Under Double
  5. D

    Pick'em - Georgia - Friday, Saturday and Sunday

    2-1 Under Under Make mine a double
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    Pick’em - Wofford - Tuesday

    Over double
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    Tennessee Softball 2023

    Ump’s strike zone is minuscule. Ashley getting nothing.
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    Rejoice! We are the most hated!

    They hate us, cause they ain’t us. I love being a Tennessee fan!
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    Pick'em - Bellarmine - Tuesday

    Under double
  10. D

    Pick'em - Vanderbilt - Friday. Saturday and Sunday

    Vols double Under double
  11. D

    Offense Wins Thursday Scrimmage

    Keith arrives this summer as well.
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    SEC Survivor Pool Week 4


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