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    Jackson update?

    I think he was referring to them passing people on the shoulder, obviously in a hurry, escorted by law enforcement. A broken collarbone doesn't lead to that kind of transport.
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    With a win do we move up to one two or three?

    Close win = 3 Win by 2 or more touchdowns = 1 Lose = 10
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    4 once our AD is ahead of the game

    If Bobby Hill grew up to be a football coach!
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    Uniforms - Back in Black (merged)

    If that red shirt makes you more confident, enough to become the best darn Deere salesman in the field, I guarantee you can wear it.
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    SEC refs

    Then that needs to change. They have massive influence on a billion dollar industry, they need to be compensated to a level where they don't want to screw up and lose that gig. And when they screw up, the absolutely should lose their gig.
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    East race

    It's called sarcasm. WE will score on them!
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    East race

    You're right, we should just crown Georgia as national champs and move on the basketball. I mean, obviously the past determines the future and nobody is gonna score on them...πŸ™„
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    What was the point of that shovel pass

    Yeah we need to remind him next week to work on those catches, since he had so many drops tonight πŸ™„
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    Tennessee RB Carlin Fils-aime enters NCAA transfer portal

    Seems like he's been here since Tyler Bray graduated
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    Would you trade a natty for Neyland to be the undisputed loudest stadium in cfb?????

    Idgaf how loud the stadium is as long as we could stop being a bottom dweller
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    Why can't we enjoy the victory?

    Heck yeah! I don't care if we beat the Alabama School for the Blind, we beat a team by 32 points and should be happy!
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    Per Hyams - Tennessee shut down due to Covid

    All I know is every year I usually have 2 or 3 bad colds, and usually get some bad sinus stuff from pollen. Didn't have any of that stuff this year, and I didn't stay home because I'm "essential".
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    Per Hyams - Tennessee shut down due to Covid

    I don’t plan on getting the vaccine until I'm forced, but after spending a year wearing a mask and it also being the healthiest year I can remember, I mean not so much as a cold, I am going to be wearing mine for a while.
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    The face of Tennessee football

    Use him more after he is gone than he got used on the field. Most Tennessee thing ever!
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    Senior Day for JG

    Agree. Him not being a very good quarterback but still being told he's the guy isn't his fault. I wouldn't have much respect for someone that came out and said they didn't think they were good enough to play, please bench me. He was told to do something beyond his skill level and did his best to...
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    Need 6 for Vandy

    Looking for 6, prefer lowers.
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    Single Game Tickets SOLD

    Price for 4 Vandy?
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    Uber after night game at Neyland

    After the ETSU game we walked a couple or blocks and got a Lyft, probably 30 minutes after the game.

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