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  1. 77' Vol

    Kevin Punter sighting....

    Was definitely a flagrant/intentional foul on him. Other guy should be tossed.
  2. 77' Vol

    Penalties for rushing field

    Impossible to hold back 100K fans. Potential arrest/ big fines may deter some but others with too much Moonshine in them won't care at that time.
  3. 77' Vol

    Vols Spring Practice #1

    Just curious......... there used to be a guy named "Fingers" who did stats for UT sports back in the mid 70s. Is the "Fingers" on here any relations to him? Interesting.
  4. 77' Vol

    Penny Hardaway Water Bottle Toss

    Sure was sweet watching Memphis lose to Florida Atlantic. Boo Hoo Penny.
  5. 77' Vol

    The Official #10 Tennessee @ Kentucky Game Thread, 1:00 PM ET, CBS

    Turning game off, can't watch. Sucks when game over at half.
  6. 77' Vol

    Brugler's current NFL Draft Top 100

    I'm Surprised that Hendon Hooker isn't on the list? He's going to be a steal for some Team. Titans?
  7. 77' Vol

    Can Milton win the Heisman?

    YES, only IF we knock off either UGA or Bama and go 11-1.
  8. 77' Vol

    '24 GA EDGE Kameryn Fountain

    Offering early certainly doesn't hurt. Hooah.
  9. 77' Vol

    '24 VA WR Keylan Adams

    Regardless of how the kids are ranked or how many stars they have, it just seems like we offer a lot of kids "too late" and after they have already made their decision based on the Teams that offered them early.
  10. 77' Vol

    '24 VA WR Keylan Adams

    Don't understand why VOLS are so late offering some of these top-rated players? Often the team that offers first/early on makes a big impression on the kid.
  11. 77' Vol

    TE Coaching Hire ???

  12. 77' Vol

    Hyatt and Tillman at bowl game?

    Just shows that Hooker has "orange blood in his veins" and is a Leader. Some team is going to get a franchise QB early in the second round. He deserves it!!!
  13. 77' Vol

    Bennett is a fraud?

    I'm sure Bennett will be very happy holding a clipboard making a big salary as a backup. Good luck to him. He's already one of the oldest QB's in the league.
  14. 77' Vol

    '24 FL WR Joshisa "JoJo" Trader

    At least we're making the Top 5 List for a lot of these high profile WR's ! Like Jim Carey said....."So, you're telling me there's a chance"
  15. 77' Vol

    Banks to NFL- opting out of Orange Bowl

    I wish him the best but think that the combine will show he lacks speed and will be lucky to be a late round pick. Most likely an UDFA. Tough kid, but not what they are looking for at the next level. Also, if he was causing locker room issues it's best he leave.
  16. 77' Vol

    VFL Legend Reportedly Top Target for Mid-State Prep Powerhouse Head Coaching Vacancy

    CJH getting Jason Witten would mean the VOLS would have no problem attracting TOP TE's around the Nation too. Pay the man and keep him Home.
  17. 77' Vol

    '23 Portal Javion Cohen from Ala enters the portal

    This kid played for Central High School in Phenix City, AL. He is a Beast and if the VOLS can lure him here with NIL he's worth the effort.
  18. 77' Vol

    Len'Neth Whitehead and Justin Williams-Thomas portal bound

    CJH making room for better players. Good luck to these guys in the portal.
  19. 77' Vol

    Bowl Game question… (Hyatt sitting out?)

    Hyatt NOT a first round draft pick. It's stretching it if he goes second round. If he sits, then "Next Man Up" that wants to play and represent the Big Orange. GO VOLS.
  20. 77' Vol

    Roman Harrison - SEC defensive lineman of the week

    Roman Harrison has NFL potential. He's from Bainbridge, GA which is where Kirby Smart played high school football. We are lucky to have him. Congrats on the overdue Recognition Roman!!

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