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    Jeremy Banks day 1 pick?

    He will probably get picked us a free agent and placed on a practice squad to watch his character if no one wants to risk him creating headaches
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    Could UT be on the verge of becoming a Quarterback U again?

    This is the way I remember it. We were definitely known for wide receivers for a good while. Our quarterbacks have never been big in the NFL as a group. Our running backs didn't have a lot of years in the NFL together.
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    Spying on the enemy

    Time to put florida back where they were before Spurrier
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    Volunteers to 1985 Sugar Bowl

    My first game in the stadium as well. I just remember dad was frustrated. I was still learning the game, but thought the car on the field was neat.
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    We Choke Away Another NCAA Gift!

    Sweet 16 is a good year. If we made it to the finals, someone would still talk about blowing opportunities. There are only about 15 other teams that wouldn't be satisfied with it right now. Sometimes teams just have a bad game. Sometimes other teams force you to have a bad game. They made it...
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    Amusing (thanks, Ed!) ESPN “women in sports media” piece

    I thought they must have been reading letters that I wrote.
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    UT/ Texas A&M football 2023

    I'm guessing its a bit early to try to get them here.
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    UT/ Texas A&M football 2023

    My brother-in-law is an Aggie grad. I wanted to surprise him by taking him to Neyland for an ass whoopin this year. Dad used to have season tickets when I was a kid, but I've never had to buy tickets on my own. What is the best way for me to get tickets to this particular game? Buy from a...
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    Jeremy Banks day 1 pick?

    The idea of him going first round is ridiculous.
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    Prime is poaching

    Neon deion will recruit which will improve Colorado whether he succeeds or not. It was a smart move by the AD. He always appeared to be all about himself and not necessarily a team guy. That was my opinion. I don't expect much, but I also didn't get excited about Heupel.
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    Who do you want to beat the most next year??!!

    Series: Georgia leads 27–23–2[1] Alabama leads 58–39–7 Bama has more wins against us than we have had games against Georgia. That is how I can say it.
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    Who do you want to beat the most next year??!!

    Bama is a 4 letter word and if you choose anyone else, you haven't been a vols fan long enough.
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    Saban's Coaches Poll ballot

    I'm not the one whining. I am very happy with a top 10 performance this year. I don't know how many expected that. All the whining is coming from those complaining about polls. There is a very simple explanation for the polls and I put it there. I knew it wouldn't be a popular opinion, but I in...
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    Saban's Coaches Poll ballot

    This team was great, but just stating that UT beat Alabama so we should be ranked #2 doesn't work for me. Yes, Alabama lost to UT and LSU, but UT lost to unranked South Carolina and Georgia. Alabama also was in both of those games at the very end. UT was blown out in both of our losses. If you...
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    Football is the front porch of a university.

    App state applications jumped when they beat Michigan. When I was in high school, app state took anyone with a pulse. They are definitely more selective now.
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    Would you be in favor of a CFB overhaul?

    Can we just eliminate recruiting and actually use student athletes? Let the XFL or something take over the NIL package......I know.....won't happen.....just wish players and staff had more attachment to what they represent. Money in sports is almost as bad as watching congressman become...
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    Meaningless bowl game

    I will say that I enjoyed bowl season way more before the creation of the BCS
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    Does USC fall below the VOLS?

    Did Alabama just get back in the playoffs?
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    Which Bowl Game do you think Tennessee will get with a win over Vanderbilt?

    If it takes Alabama getting into the playoffs for us to get the Sugar, then I would prefer we are in the Orange. By all rights, Alabama lost both its games on one play. I could see them getting that 4 seed if things fall right.

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