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  1. pricevol5

    '24 CA DL Aydin Breland

    Malik Jackson has made more football money than any UT d-lineman.
  2. pricevol5

    '24 MO WR Ryan Wingo

    Yeah, "Coach Cleats" Dude was more interested in running routes & catching balls in practice than coaching his players and recruiting. What a joke he still has a job in coaching.
  3. pricevol5

    Dalton Knecht commits to Vols

    Got a lot of Kevin Huerter from his clips.
  4. pricevol5

    With what we now have, rate our rooms.

    I'm with you on the OL. Needs to get to the 5 for continuity, but this is the deepest I can ever remember a UT Oline. Is there a first round pick, a la Darnell Wright or Ju'wann James? Probably not. But you will have 4 seasoned vets - 3 or 4 more that have started multiple games along some...
  5. pricevol5

    Tennessee Transfer Portal Targets

    Could we really get this lucky?
  6. pricevol5

    101 Neyland stadium replicas were seized at Norfolk port

    What are these? Stadiums for ants?
  7. pricevol5

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    Olivier screams undiagnosed ADHD to me...doesn't even realize a game is going on. Get that dude some adderall at halftime.
  8. pricevol5

    The 2023 March Madness “Other Games” Thread

    The price I'd pay to see Nowell Vs. Zakai in MSG...... Actually, I was in NYC last weekend and no money left as a result.
  9. pricevol5

    Who's going to MSG?

    Im in NYC this weekend. Fiancè ran in the NYC Half. I have neither the funds for another weekend here nor my mortgage. Good luck to you all.
  10. pricevol5

    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    Rather had FDU, but also, a much better matchup than Purdue or Memphis. I think they're actually closer to Ole Miss than Mizzou, but still have some of that awkward offensive effectiveness that gives us problems.
  11. pricevol5

    Don’t know about you guys, but I’m pulling for Florida Atlantic..

    Dude can ball for sure...watched them play Memphis & within 5 minutes wanted him to transfer here next year. Has some LaMonté Turner to him....which IMO, we have missed dearly the past few seasons.
  12. pricevol5

    Jeremy Banks day 1 pick?

    Nick Bolton
  13. pricevol5

    The Official #12 Tennessee vs. Arkansas Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Santi has these skills, but it takes away his value as an off-ball shooter, we don't have anyone that does the things he does & poses the threat he is without the ball in his hands. He's a better playmaker off the ball. I loook for a lot of Mashack as the primary ball handler and I think thats...
  14. pricevol5

    '24 VA RB Peyton Lewis (Tennessee commit)

    Salem is a lot like the SWVA version of Maryville. Great program, perennial power, not a lot of P5 talent.
  15. pricevol5

    Your favorite socks when attending games

    I found my latest gameday socks at an Ace Hardware of all places.
  16. pricevol5

    Jeremy banks east/west shrine bowl

    He is from Memphis. I guess its shoot or get beaten to death, take your pick.
  17. pricevol5

    Wendell Green should have been ejected

    I love Vols & Beers too my man.
  18. pricevol5

    Post game thoughts

    Hard to argue with much aside from the "basketball isn't a pretty sport" comment. Hope we aren't still dealing with the "Barnes haters who want Bruce back" crowd. I've been through a divorce and moved on - if these clowns are still out there, they need to move on as well...we've had two...

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