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  1. I81Exit146

    Hendon Hooker QB Transfer from VT

    Not all of us... He had his moments of brilliance, but this year he appeared lost at times. Then the "I'm cold" game... Personally I think Burmeister was the better QB this year. I wish him well, I have nothing against Hendon. He's a solid dude, high character. TN will benefit from him...
  2. I81Exit146

    Post game controversy

    Honestly ya'll Coach McGraw is a classy coach. You have no idea what the police or she said to the team.
  3. I81Exit146


    Torn ACL? Is this entire thread tongue and cheek? They mentioned on the broadcast plus she has that tell-tale knee brace.
  4. I81Exit146

    Great game Lady Vols!

    First I've gotten to see the Lady Vols this year. Good to see deep bench, tall players and excellent rebounding. Enjoyed watching the Lady Vols' huddles too - looks like there's good team chemistry and absent were those "me-type" players. We shall see how it all works out as it goes. Noted...
  5. I81Exit146

    Pitiful loss...

    Settling for FGs doesn't help plus running a reverse on 4th & 1 when you have two quality RBs. WTH was that?
  6. I81Exit146

    Last Goodbye

    You said this very well. I must admit I wanted her gone, and still when I saw it this afternoon it was kind of shock to the system. She was in an impossible place following Pat and has an admirable W/L record on the surface. What her ultimate undoing is the inability to maintain traditions...
  7. I81Exit146

    Will Tennessee Make The NCAA's?

    I said something similiar... that and they know the Lady Vols still sell tickets.
  8. I81Exit146

    So who do you hire?

    She's a good coach. It was fun to watch her interact with her team a couple of weeks ago.
  9. I81Exit146

    So who do you hire?

    Joanne_P._McCallie Katie Meier If her child's citizenship situation was settled, I'd offer Joanne Boyle
  10. I81Exit146

    Thank You Mr. Adams

    "Twice on her postgame radio show, she said she had no explanation for what went wrong." CHW's own words are enough. Nothing any reporter, blogger or poster can say trumps her own oblivion. Maybe she should be screened for early onset dementia. What a tragedy to have lost Pat, and what a sad...
  11. I81Exit146


    Took the words right out of my mouth. So so sad what's become of Lady Vols basketball.
  12. I81Exit146

    Shaking things up !

    Don't know where else to ask, so I'll try here since ya'll are talking lineups. What's the world on Jackson's injury?
  13. I81Exit146

    Same Ole Crap from CHW

    Just looked back at some pictures from games I attended in the past. There was a note on one that the Rutgers game was moved to 3pm on Thursday because of the football team's bowl game. Attendance: over 14k.... Another one that I made a note on, vs LSU - over 17k. My how times have changed...
  14. I81Exit146

    Which Women's Coaches Would Jump

    Can we call Holly, Head Coach Emeritus or whatever that bullsh!t insult was to Pat?
  15. I81Exit146

    Which Women's Coaches Would Jump

    RE: Coaches - the Syracuse coach is a clown. Goestenkors would be a nice grab. Might get Walz, but I don't know. Why would these coaches that are successful where they are leave their current situations for TN? What about Melanie Balcomb?
  16. I81Exit146

    Come on Irish

    If I'm thinking of the same play, Mabrey got all ball the Ms St girl ran into her. Great weekend of women's basketball, too bad the Lady Vols weren't a part.
  17. I81Exit146

    Come on Irish

    I generally like Kara Lawson, was it just me or was she very anti-Notre Dame in these two games? To listen Friday night, you would have thought she played at UCONN not lobo. Was disappointed in her bias and very happy that Arike shut her up at the end
  18. I81Exit146

    Holly Warlick's response worse than Lady Vols' loss

    After reading that comment, and seeing it on ESPN, I hope she reads this or someone tells her... Get out Holly. "It's not about winning or losing?" It's a game, win and advance. What part about thst doesn't make sense? You have ruined the program. Ive never seen a coach that can't make...
  19. I81Exit146

    Game Thread Lady Vols vs South Carolina

    MR has to move around some. She is the easiest post to defend because she doesn't move. Has always lacked aggressiveness.
  20. I81Exit146

    Game Thread Lady Vols vs South Carolina

    Poor shot selection, do these girls have set offenses to run?

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