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  1. VolinMC

    Merry Christmas to all of you in VolNation

    Merry Christmas to everyone on here!! I don't post a lot but I'm on here at least every day reading and can tell it's a big family good or bad! May y'all be blessed!
  2. VolinMC

    What’s your prediction for Saturday’s game with Kentucky: W or L?

    It seems to me Kentucky under Stoops usually starts the season off hot and cools off towards the end of the season,,it looks to be the same this year. If so,the Big Orange comes out wit a win. About the only way they don't win is if they start turning the ball over and making stupid mistakes and...
  3. VolinMC

    Florida -17.5

    Eh,,if they can stay within 3 touchdowns I'll be impressed. Our Vols are good for giving them 10-14 points every year,,,,,I call it the Florida factor.
  4. VolinMC

    Do we want Florida to win or lose tomorrow?

    I'll never,never want Florida to win in anything! Not pulling for Bama either,just wish both teams could lose but if I had to pick its the Gators losing everytime.
  5. VolinMC

    The Official Tennessee vs. Bowling Green Game Thread, 8:00 PM ET, SEC Network

    Good looking drive on the first series. I know it's just BG but still no penalties or boneheaded stuff like missed blocks, wrong routes or stuff like that.
  6. VolinMC

    ESPN did not hesitate to make a crack at Tennessee today on GameDay

    I agree with y'all. Who cares or or gas what ESPN says or does. Half the people on here can comment and talk football better than them. Win some games and the talk will stop.
  7. VolinMC

    Predicted 2021 record for Tennessee football

    This is where I'm kinda at also. I picked 6-6 but wouldnt be surprised if its anywhere between 9-3 or 3-9 honestly. I can look at talent on paper and coaching history till the end of time but untill they take the field and play a few games it's just a wild a## guess for me.
  8. VolinMC

    NIL-What endorsements will UT players get?

    Its gotta be,,,Natural Gas. It's a classic!
  9. VolinMC

    Sunshine Pumpers and NegaVols

    Florida week I'm a nega vol cause I hate them so much and we find ways to lose to them every year. Rest of the year I'm a sunshine pumper.
  10. VolinMC

    Most Surprising Vol Win?

    The 10-6 win at Miami was what first popped in my mind. The comeback at Notre Dame is a close second tho.
  11. VolinMC

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs Alabama (SEC Tourney Game Thread) 2PM

    Just watch and see how many times that gets called again in all the tournaments. While it may be the many times has a baserunner's arms been outside the bag? Of course it has to happen to our Vols team. Go Big Orange and win the whole tourney now!
  12. VolinMC

    Reasons to think Coach Josh Heupel will move us forward

    For me it's because he is our coach till he proves he cant do it. Gotta hope he does well cause this coaching search crap is getting old and tiresome.
  13. VolinMC

    The Iceman appreciation thread

    I'll admit it,,,,I under appreciated him when he was here. He made some amazing plays that we sorely need nowadays.
  14. VolinMC

    Tennessee-Bowling Green Season Opener to be on Thursday Night at 8PM

    I'm not gonna complain. I have my grand son's youth games on Saturdays so this works out for me playing on a Thursday night.
  15. VolinMC

    Do we need a California qb?

    It doesnt matter to me where they are from as long as they help the team win. That goes for players and coaches.
  16. VolinMC

    What did he do ?

    Thanks,my bad Boca. Memory ain't what it used to be.😁 I'm gonna change it.
  17. VolinMC

    What did he do ?

    70+ yards if I remember correctly,,out ran the secondary after the catch. Set the tone for the game. Good guys won 41-14.
  18. VolinMC

    Here's an interesting question for the group to think about. Do you think Tennessee football will ever get back to being the powerhouse it once was?

    Eh,eventually it can happen. Maybe in 5 years or 50 years,,,,no one knows for sure. I just hope it happens before my dirt nap so I can see it happen.
  19. VolinMC

    Will any of these Tennessee Football records realistically ever be broken?

    Of course Finch's 99 yd run wont be broken so I think the tackles records would be the hardest to break nowadays with the way the rules set up for the offense and teams seem to not run as much anymore. Records are meant to be broken tho so who knows,,,,,,,
  20. VolinMC

    Juwan Mitchell Texas LB Transfer COMMITS!

    Welcome young man! You are much needed,,hopefully you have a great career here.

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