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    For those always talking about recruiting rankings

    Hmmm. So, it sounds like Dykes is a much better coach than Heupel, right? After all, he was so much better in year one than Heupel in year two with a set of players ranked much lower (30-17) than our "phooked" up team. You can believe what you want but I can see that the teams that are...
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    Why are baseball sportsmanship rules so different than other sports?

    My two cents and mine only. Why do the other sports allow a player to say something like that twice before they get thrown out? In all cases it is not only subjective but different tolerances for different officials. It shows a lack of intelligent in the moment to resort to discussion of a...
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    Incentive for the 'bama game

    I aleays hate to hear a coach say they beat someone when all they did was just score more points. The nerve of some coaches.
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    About Kentuckys ten wins

    Geez dude. This thread was literally created on a Vol board by a Vol fan. The thread and replies show some care. I agree with you on one thing. I care about what we do, not what anyone else does. We get it right, it doesn't matter what others do. We get it wrong and I am not going let...
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    I agree 100% with you and I may not have been clear. We have people on this board that presume to tell us what our fandom should look like as well. Sometimes anonymity breeds a false bravery but is just as classless and ignorant here as it is on other boards.
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    Classless ignorance is the bane of all boards, including ours. It gets in the way of honest conversation. Too many people, even on Volnation, confuse ignorant positions with being a fan. We don't always have to agree, but you can't converse with stupidity. Unfortunately there is a lot of that.
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    Come on Heup. 43-38-8

    Have mercy! While I applaud you wanting to keep Alabama on the schedule and beat them, I want to beat their azz and win our other games too. Being happy going 1-11 with a win over Bama is what Auburn fans wish for.
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    Keep your monkey under control…

    Never try to high five a monkey owned by a stripper!
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    The more I watch Bama beat UGA and UF

    Thanks. That was very helpful. I did not realize Alabama used McDonald's bags too.
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    The more I watch Bama beat UGA and UF

    How many recruits are allowed per game? I looked but could not find anything.
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    Who started this out of control coaches contract spending?

    You can blame Saban but I would ask how he is responsible for $9M salaries for coaches who have not even won a conference championship, much less a national championship. Saban had already done both. Also, given inflation has caused prices to increase about 30% in the last 15 years, paying...
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    Thunderstruck at Neyland: Lightshow

    Nowhere in your rant did you indicate how his responsiblility was getting people to to attend football games, yet the only reason you stated you wanted to get rid of him was to get someone that would. I have no issue with your opinion about a newspaper columnist or being nothing to you. You...
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    Thunderstruck at Neyland: Lightshow

    Laughing at anybody that thinks it's KNS responsibilty to get people to attend a game.
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    I respect Fulmer a little more after each game we lose

    Even if you agree with that it is still a hiring mistake not a firing mistake. I guess it's up to interpretation what "a coach in good standing means. I would say a less than desirable record over the past few years is not good standing to me but you might. The idea that any school can just...
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    I respect Fulmer a little more after each game we lose

    Nothing that happens in 2021 makes me even think about what happened in 2007. They are not related no matter how hard some folks try to make it. We have not made a mistake in firing a head coach including Fulmer. We have, however, made several hiring mistakes. That is what needs to be fixed...
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    When we win: Storm the field? Yes or no.

    82 and 84 Alabama games. Maybe others but I was at those games.
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    When we win: Storm the field? Yes or no.

    The "act like you've been there before" folks don't seem to remember it would not be the first time we stormed the field at Neyland OR tore down the goal posts if we were to win Saturday. It's just been so long since we have wanted to, it seems like forever. I wouldn't, but I'm not going to...
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    It's not gonna happen...but what if it did?

    Of course we will. Why do you think GA was scheduled for homecoming?
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    Are UF and LSU about to kill their programs?

    Hmmm. Overall record versus current trajectory as a component of a coaching evaluation? Mullen is not getting fired for his record and I don't think that happens this year anyway. If he eventually gets fired its because of his attitude and off field issues, including recruiting. Trajectory...
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    Is Myles Brennan A Take From the Portal?

    No. He's a quitter who left his team now to screw his teammates! :D

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