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  1. Volunteer forever

    (Not Official) SEC Permanent Rivals per Ross Dellenger of SI

    I’m sorry but it wouldn’t be right if TN and KY didn’t play every year in football
  2. Volunteer forever

    Breaking: TX, OU Reach Agreement to Join SEC in 2024

    I have a feeling Tennessee will play Alabama, Kentucky and Vanderbilt every year because of tradition.
  3. Volunteer forever

    We should claim the 1939 national title

    2112 great Rush album!!
  4. Volunteer forever

    We should claim the 1939 national title

    Yes I remember 1939 very well. Good times! 😂
  5. Volunteer forever

    Winslow comments after the game

    Man I remember 2003. I was 27 years old and feelin good 😂
  6. Volunteer forever

    Prayers for Bills player Damar Hamlin

    Prayers for him. It doesn’t look good at the moment
  7. Volunteer forever

    Just for Giggles

    I live in West Tennessee. It would be Memphis for me.
  8. Volunteer forever

    Why we want Clemson

    I would love to play Clemson on the Orange Bowl but I have a feeling if we do they will play their best game of the year!
  9. Volunteer forever

    Poll: Prefer Sugar Bowl or Orange Bowl. List reason for preference below.

    I personally would prefer the Orange Bowl against Clemson if they win the ACC
  10. Volunteer forever

    If you had a visit from a Jeannie

    1. Elite defense 2. Elite offense 3. No injuries all season
  11. Volunteer forever

    Music at Vanderbilt last night

    At times it was even drowning out the announcers.
  12. Volunteer forever

    Final game of the season

    I remember someone saying a few years ago it should be called the I-40 bowl.
  13. Volunteer forever

    The Official #5 Tennessee @ South Carolina Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Thanks for telling people how to fan! 😂
  14. Volunteer forever

    Just so you all know, the entire SEC especially LSU and UGA are praying that we don't make the playoffs

    Everyone is hoping TN fails? So nothing has changed 🤷🏼‍♂️
  15. Volunteer forever

    Vince Dooley has died.

    Prayers for the family
  16. Volunteer forever

    AP Ranking

    #3 is what I’m thinking.

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