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  1. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about....VN's favorite Californian.

    In early 2000, a 5* pro-style passer from Bishop Alemany HS in Mission Hills, CA made the fateful decision to take his substantial talents 7/8 of the way across the country. Once he reached the friendly confines of Neyland Stadium, the winning commenced, as he was responsible for a 20-9 record...
  2. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 11)

    Rest assured, dear reader, there WILL be an episode of this devoted to our beloved "Voice of the Vols". Already got that one set in my calendar.
  3. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 11)

    And hearing John Ward will never go unappreciated.
  4. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 11)

    I'm gonna cheat with this one a bit since I'm running a tiny bit late this week. Dale Carter came to Tennessee to be a playmaker, and he did just that. In two seasons with the Vols, Carter earned All-America status each year and garnered national recognition as a sticky defensive back and an...
  5. DeusExMachina

    '26 VA RB Savion Hiter

    Hmmm.....does he have the speed to be a home run Hiter on every touch???
  6. DeusExMachina

    '25 KS TE Da’Saahn Brame

    If we wind up getting him, would we be okay with taking the Brame for what he'd be doing to opposing defenses??
  7. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about......Number 45.

    It's a fact of life that our favorite players in the Orange and White matriculate, exhaust their eligibility, and (sadly) move on to the rest of their lives. Some go on to play in the NFL, some in other leagues, and some go into the workforce and make their names known again. This is y'alls...
  8. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 9.0)

    I have yet to cover either, but we've got a lot of time (a few weeks yet, lol) until kickoff. So far, there's only one reserved spot (the third week in April), and that particular episode of TTUA is gonna be a day early. Pretty sure we'll get to Mr. Flowers and Mr. Morgan!!! Thanks for the...
  9. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 9.0)

    I told @HollowaytoSeivers a couple weeks back that I would get to this one, so here's me making good on my word. Sorry this lead in is short, I wanted to get this typed up on my lunch break from work. I might edit it later. Talk to us about the pride of Clinton, Tennessee; two-time...
  10. DeusExMachina

    Recruiting Forum Football Talk VI

    No thread on him, but he's a 6', 185 pound WR for the '24 class out of Hutto, TX that appears to be getting some attention from the coaching staff despite not having an offer that I can find.
  11. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 8.0)

    You're not wrong, but you are at the same time. I'm an ugly SOB, but he was talking about the pretty blue eyes in my avatar pic. Do try to keep up, MSG.....LMFAO.
  12. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 8.0)

    1: Thank you!!! 2: Pretty sure they had the #1 defense. I may have misspoken.
  13. DeusExMachina

    '26 OT Bear McWhorter

    Young Colonel moves well for his size, and he's #14 in the country for '26.
  14. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about (version 8.0)

    (author's note: I just realized that it's been 8 weeks of me doing these threads, and I'm kinda astonished that nobody's told me to knock it off yet. I'll keep doing 'em as long as y'all will have me.) This thread's been one of those that's been banging around in my head since I started this...
  15. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us undeniable legend.

    You may be pleased to know that I have every intention of featuring Larry Seivers in one of these posts. He was actually one of the first names that popped into my head for this, tbh, I just haven't gotten to him yet.
  16. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us undeniable legend.

    Admittedly, the subject of this week's post wasn't my original idea. Names such as Seivers, Haynesworth, Henderson, and Spiva are still on the list, as as groups such as "The Colquitt family", and even games that many may be able to replay in their heads, like "The Miracle at South Bend" and...
  17. DeusExMachina

    Talk to us about......a two-fer.

    Alvin Kamara, R3 #67 to the Saints.

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