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  1. ThreatLevelOrange

    Honestly, ready for some roster turnover

    Must add portal guys that can put the ball in the hole. Here are some of the guys we’ve added i recent years: Key, Powell, Bailey, and Anosike. There are hundreds of guys available, and we need to get a couple.
  2. ThreatLevelOrange

    '25 KY QB Cutter Boley

    Stoops can negative recruit all he wants. This ain’t Pruitt he’s going against. Now, we get who we want.
  3. ThreatLevelOrange

    Game Day a bit salty?

    Zero flagrant fouls called. And zero committed. Deal with it!
  4. ThreatLevelOrange

    '24 OH RB Jordan Marshall (Michigan commit)

    Seldon is going to be a huge weapon. You can play 2 RB and flex him as a smaller, faster version of Fant as an H Back.
  5. ThreatLevelOrange

    Tell me something good Z updates?

    Key has been nursing an ankle injury.
  6. ThreatLevelOrange

    Tell me something good Z updates?

    Auburn is in free fall and is barely in the field. They need a W badly.
  7. ThreatLevelOrange

    Tell me something good Z updates?

    2nd major injury to our team leader. Hooker had a great backup step up. We need the same here. If it’s bad.
  8. ThreatLevelOrange

    '24 GA LB Sammy Brown

    You’re grasping. That QB and his family are no threat to win a national title. Passing for 300 against our D isn’t a big deal.
  9. ThreatLevelOrange

    Alvin Kamara Assault Footage

    Vol Facing Life
  10. ThreatLevelOrange

    '24 GA LB Sammy Brown

    That was Peyton’s first game, and he probably got no practice reps to speak of. Clemson’s QB was in their 14th game of the year.
  11. ThreatLevelOrange

    The Official #11 Tennessee @ #25 Texas A&M Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    If refs called the Alabama game this way, we’d be on the verge of losing 5 straight.
  12. ThreatLevelOrange

    The Official #11 Tennessee @ #25 Texas A&M Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Team isn’t the same without JJJ. Philips is also much better than the guys filling in for him. If we get both back, we can beat someone with a pulse. Without them, not seeing it.
  13. ThreatLevelOrange

    '24 GA LB Sammy Brown

    That QB is a 5* and looked overmatched vs our “so so” pass D. He’s not in the same league as Watson or Lawrence. Yes, they made the playoff with Bryant, but they didn’t advance.
  14. ThreatLevelOrange

    Alec Abeln new TE coach

    Heupel can coach offense. He knows more than we do. Pope had no power 5 experience, then in year 1 he developed a disappointing player into the best WR in the country. He’s coached a few years under Heupel. Good enough.
  15. ThreatLevelOrange

    Should Tennessee be a 1 seed?

    More likely, we need to split with Alabama, assuming we play them in SEC tournament. Purdue and Houston are probably locks because their conferences are down. So it’ll come down to Virginia, Arizona, Big 12, and SEC for remaining 2.
  16. ThreatLevelOrange

    Shorten the Bench?

    I disagree. He’s done that in the past, and their legs look tired once they get to the NCAAs. Our depth wears the opponents down. Maintain it.
  17. ThreatLevelOrange

    For those who like analytics - Why did Tennessee win 11 games?

    Can’t run it without dominant players. You can get by with 3 DL if you stack War Daddies like Georgia has.
  18. ThreatLevelOrange

    TE Coaching Hire ???

    Generally, yes. Lining up next to OT where you may or may not be an eligible receiver makes you a TE. Being the motion guy or lining up our wide, in the slot, as a wingback or fullback make you an H back.

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