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  1. GregAmsler

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion] (merged)

    Also, Bruce Pearl wasn’t able to get Tennessee to a Final 4. Bruce Pearl got friggin Auburn to a Final 4.
  2. GregAmsler

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion] (merged)

    Rick Barnes has been to a Final 4. Tennessee has not. Rick Barnes has been to 3 E8s. Tennessee has been to 1. Rick Barnes isn’t keeping Tennessee out of the Final 4. Tennessee is keeping Rick Barnes out of the Final 4. It’s nonsensical to complain about Barnes’ post season lack of success when...
  3. GregAmsler

    2023 Transfer Portal

    Sounds good to me. We don't need a superstar PG, just one who can spell ZZ and sometimes play alongside him.
  4. GregAmsler

    2023 Transfer Portal

    Assume he can be the primary ball handler?
  5. GregAmsler

    Down goes Vandy to UAB

    The great thing is, Danny White is our AD now. I trust him. He might make a hire that doesn't get everyone excited on hiring day, but ends up being very successful. Because that's what good ADs do...they hire the right guy to win games, not initial press conferences. See: Heupel, Josh.
  6. GregAmsler

    Shoutout to Kim English

    Yeah. Can't find the article, but I saw him listed among the most impactful figures in college basketball over the next 20/25 years (forget the number). He's already known as a great recruiter and many in the game think he's going to be a star as a head coach. Given his ties to Knoxville and...
  7. GregAmsler

    2023 Transfer Portal

    In think Cone would be ZZ's backup. Would allow Dillione to play the 2 and Mashack to play the 2 and 3. But Cone might start at the 1 until ZZ is fully healthy and, in certain matchups, both could play together (like KC and ZZ last year). This is all if we get Cone of course.
  8. GregAmsler

    Shoutout to Kim English

    Hope he keeps getting better until he's ready to take over when Barnes retires in 4-5 years. Unless it's Stephen Pearl. He's tracking like Barnes. Job 1 George Mason. Job 2 Providence. If he goes to Clemson next, that will be eerie.
  9. GregAmsler

    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #9 Florida Atlantic NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 9:00 PM ET, TBS

    Exactly. And Barnes had to rebuild. He's easily a top 2 coach in UT history and probably the best.
  10. GregAmsler

    Big time game for recruiting

    I'd be okay with that.
  11. GregAmsler

    Vols Spring Practice #2

    Beasley is one starter. Pili was running day 1 with the 1st team. It would be hard to displace either. But he might be the top reserve.
  12. GregAmsler

    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    And Parrish has always hated Tennessee from his Memphis days.
  13. GregAmsler

    2023 Transfer Portal

    Cone makes some sense, being from NC too.
  14. GregAmsler

    Sorry but its getting old [Barnes discussion] (merged)

    I've intentionally avoided this thread, but I think this thought is best placed here. Pat Summitt once said (paraphrasing), "You'd be surprised how hard a kid will play for you when she knows you love her." Pat was great at pushing her kids to the limit, demanding everything out of them, while...
  15. GregAmsler

    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    The key to this game is Tennessee more than FAU. We can't come out flat and lay an egg like we have so many times. We always come out tough against the big boys...we need to bring that same intensity against FAU. I do think all this media noise chastising Tennessee for being "dirty" against...
  16. GregAmsler

    Vols vs Florida Atlantic? Thoughts?

    KState is my (distant) 2nd favorite team due to wife and wife's family. I've watched them a lot this year. Tang and his kids are pretty likable. That said, KState is scary because of a) Nowell and b) their ability to turn it on and just be lights out. The flip side of that is, they can also be...
  17. GregAmsler

    What is Success?

    You were more confident than I was. And the pundits. And the oddsmakers. Props on a good call by you. I hope you also feel good about tomorrow night. And yeah, my use of the term, "no one" was way too broad. I'll walk that back.
  18. GregAmsler

    Texas reached out to Rick Barnes

    When you look like Gus from Breaking Bad, recruiting shouldn't be a problem. All the Los Pollos Hermanos chicken you want, kids!

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