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  1. skelleher20

    Predictions for the Arkansas game?

    I'd love to see a win, but I feel like we lose this one 77-71
  2. skelleher20

    '22 NJ SDE Jayson Jenkins (Tennessee commit)

    I feel like his film is just ok....there are a lot of times he gets out muscled, & looks like a guy that wouldn't contribute for years.
  3. skelleher20

    Serrano retiring at end of season

    He's only 57, feels like he might take a year or two off and give it another go somewhere else
  4. skelleher20

    Transfer Portal Signings

    Well I could be wrong in my understanding but I think you can include a transfer in your initial 25 so if you look LSU has signed 13 high school kids and they have 12 transfers so that's 25....I would guess that would mean they are eligible to sign 7 more high schoolers if they wanted So there...
  5. skelleher20

    Tony B. On why Tennessee won't be active in transfer portal

    These are the class of 22' that enrolled early.....So that would also mean no Dylan Sampson, Joshua Josephs, Masai Reddick, & Kalib Perry are not here so that would remove 6 guys from your list.
  6. skelleher20

    Tony B. On why Tennessee won't be active in transfer portal

    James Pearce & Christian Harrison are not enrolled and so that wouldn't count, and I also wouldn't be surprised if there were guys listed that are no longer with the team but trying to figure out what is next (Portal, Quit, ETC)
  7. skelleher20

    Tennessee Football just announced home and home series with The Washington Huskies in 2029-2030

    Im excited about this series, I wish they would swap it out (move it up to 2024) and replace Oklahoma....7 years seems so far off
  8. skelleher20

    When does practice start for 2022 ?

    I heart baseball...........................Most people on this site are all douchebags. Multiple people see the post heading and assume what it is and start commenting away....It's a little more difficult to do on a phone so all of you getting on people for their bowl comment grow some kindness...
  9. skelleher20

    QB transfer portal possibilities

    We may or may not need a transfer QB but if we do sign one the caliber we get will depend on Hendon. If he comes back no one that is a "star" is coming here to be #2. We would be looking at guys from like Temple, La Tech, WKU to be a support guy. These are guys that would be better than trotting...
  10. skelleher20

    QB transfer portal possibilities

    Nope don't want he is a poor decision maker.......You can tell by looking at his hair.
  11. skelleher20

    UT in Music City to play Purdue

    Does a loss to Purdue speak more to a recruit than a win does? If you win it's oh you beat Purdue, if you lose it kinda seems more like wow you lost to Purdue?!
  12. skelleher20

    Vote for the Big Orange to the Outback Bowl

    Yes the SEC decides who goes to what bowl in communication with the bowl directors, if a teams fans don't travel well, a team is somewhat falling apart and the bowl is not really all that exciting to them, a bowl could say we don't really want them we'll pass. So we are now at 16% we need lots...
  13. skelleher20

    December 4th weekend visitor list

    Technically it's not a Fish but are we talking about Flipper?! I would love to get Flipper! It would be a great halftime performance.
  14. skelleher20

    GT rb Jamyr Gibbs enters portal

    They were unsure of Milton on VQ, He can easily Transfer down (FCS) but they didn't know if he was a Grad Transfer or regular Transfer when he came to Tenn. Going over my list I see 60 scholarship guys that could come back, admittedly I don't know everyone that's on scholarship I don't believe...
  15. skelleher20

    GT rb Jamyr Gibbs enters portal

    Are you saying there are 67 scholarship players on the roster that could return? How could that be we have heard all year that we've only got 73 I believe. I believe we will be under the 85 limit with a full class. I think these players will leave on their own or be encouraged to find another...
  16. skelleher20

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Vanderbilt

    Tenn - 52 Vandy - 12 613 yards
  17. skelleher20

    *****Pick the Score Contest: Georgia

    UGA - 38 TENN - 21 Total Yards - 369
  18. skelleher20

    '22 NC DE James Pearce (Tennessee signee)

    What is his off the field issues? Is it grades, is he in trouble? Ive heard he has issues but that's all I ever here, "He has to take care of some off the field issues".
  19. skelleher20

    '20 GA IOL Paul Tchio (Clemson Transfer)

    People this year have said over and over again, The reason Clemson is bad this year is their offensive line is awful. Has he played, is he over rated?

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