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    What is Success?

    Wow, great question CBrown! I’m going to attempt an answer from my perspective… - Your team (and school) remains in the national conversation for whatever sport your love (definitely not an also/previously ran). - Your team competes to win every single game despite any obstacles (injuries...
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    BTO’s Duke NCAAT Postgame Report

    Rick Barnes responds to narrative that Tennessee played dirty against Duke I saw some other thread out there about UK fans laughing at Sports Center’s defense of Duke‘s loss…. e.g. “VOLS should have been charged with more fouls for their physicality.” Saw attached a few minutes ago… so glad...
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    The Eternal Question…

    For whatever it’s worth… 1. I’ll ALWAYS be a “VOLS First!” supporter whatever the sport - particularly when a season transitions to a championship tournament. 2. If for whatever reason our team slips, I’ll put my support behind any SEC team as long as it’s not Alabama, Florida or Georgia… in...
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #5 Duke NCAA Tournament Game Thread, 2:40 PM ET, CBS

    VOLS to Sweet 16!! Great Job to Coach and Team!!!
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    Jalen Carter lie and coverup attempt

    My $.02… saw this story in SECRant (I don’t post on that platform). - Definitely a “bad-look” for Carter. Yes, young folks can do stupid things… but we’re really talking about someone who has been trained to be on (and plans? to remain on) a very public stage. C’mon man… you’ve played and won...
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    Four Former UT Football Staffers Receive NCAA Penalties for Recruiting Violations

    Agree wholeheartedlly. I’ve posted before that I am from the generation of Johnny Majors (God rest his troubled soul). I obviously lay all this nonsense ultimately on Phil who hired the gump Jeremy and whose lack of oversight and leadership (perhaps personal hubris) that took us to the...
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    NCAA Looking to Shorten Games

    Hmm. Agree with most all comments. Seems to me, the NCAA discussion isn’t really about the live environment on campus as much as about for those who watch. Although I liked the new Avatar movie, sitting in theater for nearly 3hrs without halftime was hard. If I drove all the way to Knoxville...
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    The Official #10 Tennessee vs. #1 Alabama Game Thread, 7:00 PM ET, ESPN2

    Awesome Win VOLS! Way to bounce back from some disappointing losses! Onwards and upwards through upcoming SEC and NCAA tournaments! OBTW, I haven’t forgotten… Buck Fama 🤣! Go VOLS!
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    Santi Mixes It Up with Clown Vandy Fan

    So glad that Candy is being fined for their over-exuberant fans rushing the court :) While their winning drought was similar to our VOLS vs Bama (I can understand their over-exuberance), point is that there were many non-VOLS pointing at that glorious 3rd Saturday in October as a over-the-top...
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    Potential 2023 Records for VOL Fans

    Just watching NFL games today, looked up some Guinness Book of Records items for fan participation which folks may want to capture for RockyTop. First is loudest stadium. 142 decibels at Chief’s Arrowhead stadium in 2014 (How loud is Arrowhead Stadium? Details on record-breaking decibel level...
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    The Official #4 Tennessee vs. #10 Texas - Battle for the Real UT - Game Thread, 6:00 PM ET, ESPN

    Great game by the good guys… wire to wire win against the other ut. Go VOLS!
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    THE REAL UT.... (re-visited)

    Tennesseans Who Died at the Alamo Sam Houston | Biography, Texas, Alamo, President, & Facts Always kinda silly reminding those down in former Republic of Texas that they’d be Northren Mexico Territory if not for the Volunteers. While Sam Houston was born in Virginia, he’d certainly be...
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    Let the Milton Hype Commence

    Bazooka® Bubble Gum - CandyMania - Parents Corner Hoping for a NIL deal for Joe…
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    Who cares?

    ^^^ This! ^^^
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    Who You Got?

    Until our VOLS are the favorite, I‘lol go with the underdog… even if a frog🤣
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    Who You Got?

    For whatever it’s worth, interesting to me the game is being played at So-Fi stadium (vice actual Rose Bowl)..BS iMO. If the traditional venues can’t support, then they should be dropped…. wtf was rose bowl holding out for for the CFP? beyonf the “stage,” I do hope TCU dominate..l the UGA...
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    French’s Orange Bowl (bottle) Sweepstakes

    Mustard Anyone? awesome… 1 of 100 prizes in the sweepstakes! hope my heads up helped either you or someone else from VN! Go VOLS!
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    *****2022 Orange Bowl: Tennessee vs Clemson (full game video)

    Clemson learned the VOLS have 151 Proof Orange… er, I meant use pure Pantone 151 Orange :) Bacardi 151 - Wikipedia Pantone 151 C: The history of Tennessee Orange
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    Mustard Anyone?

    Great game last night… GBO!

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